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Brexit Deal in Crisis terminated after 2 UK Cabinet ministers

LONDON – British Prime Minister Theresa May faced a deep political crisis Thursday after two Cabinet ministers resigned from their government, including Dominic Raab, their chief negotiator on withdrawal from the European Union – decisions that not only ruined their plans of exit but also her leadership.

Mr. Raab's surprise resignation on Thursday morning followed a tense five-hour session of the previous day's cabinet, during which ministers reluctantly agreed to sign the draft bill by Ms. May, leaving the European Union, a process commonly referred to as Brexit is known.

Mr. Raab's departure was not only unexpected, but also deeply damaging to Mrs. May's authority, which increased the risk that she was exposed to a leadership challenge by the rebellious legislators within her own conservative party secretary, resigned, and contributed to the uproar.

wife. May called a press conference unexpectedly at 5pm, but there was not a word from her office, which she might say.

The pound, an indicator of stability in the midst of the Brexit debate, fell again after saying that Mr. Raab had resigned sharply as the pensions minister resigned. The currency, which was worth $ 1.30 prior to Mr. Raab's resignation, fell to $ 1.2753 in the morning and remained unstable. At noon, as the political upheaval continued, the pound fluctuated at $ 1.2817. British broadcasters showed an indicator of pound-clocks throughout their broadcasts.

The crisis is a grave crisis for Ms May, who knew before the resignations that she would have difficulty getting Parliament's approval for her draft treaty. She turned to the House of Commons Thursday morning to sell her deal, and had asked questions about the deal for almost three hours, which were almost all skeptical to utterly hostile.

"What was agreed yesterday was not the final deal". She said. "It's a draft contract, which means we're leaving the E.U. in a smooth and orderly manner on March 29, 2019, which provides the framework for a future relationship that is in our national interest. "

She added that the deal" delivered in a way many said simply could not be done. "It would create a transitional relationship with the European Union by the end of 2020, while negotiating a permanent agreement, but the transitional period could be extended.

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labor Party, called Mrs May's agreement "a leap into the dark, a poorly defined deal on an undefined date". The ongoing uncertainty over Britain's relationship with Europe, which will last for at least another two years, will accelerate corporate exodus and investment, which is already underway, he said. "Parliament can not, and I do not think so", accepted the agreement, he added.

This view was corroborated by Ian Blackford, a legislator of the Scottish National Party. The Prime Minister had "tried to sell us a deal that is already dead in the water."

The lack of support for the deal by the legislators of both major parties also kept the pound low. "What we need to see is that ministers who have not resigned are coming off the market to support the deal," said Jordan Rochester, a foreign exchange strategist at Nomura Securities. "It's not the P.R. campaign we expected."

Nonetheless, the lack of clarity prevented the pound from collapsing, Rochester said, although the request not to trust Ms. May did not help. Despite a series of negative headlines throughout the day, the pound did not fall further.

"There is a buyer out there," he said. "It's people who think," It's bad now, but it increases the chance to stay. "

On Thursday, European Union officials are knocking down and refusing to comment on the drama in the English Channel or speculating on what would happen." Ms. May was dismissed or refused to accept the deal, but on the condition that Anonymously, they said the union has come a long way to meet the prime minister's demands that there is no hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland and that Britain continues to maintain smooth trade in the bloc.

Negotiators "think it the best we can do together with the restrictions we have on both sides, "said one official.

Although a staunch supporter of Brexit, Mr. Raab was a core member of the Cabinet, and his presence had other hard-nosed legislators He served as Brexit secretary for almost four months, succeeding David Davis, de He also resigned because he felt that Ms. May was not tough enough in negotiations.

In his letter of resignation, Mr. Raab said that he had done so could not reconcile the terms of the proposed deal with the promises we had made.

McVeys departure was harmful, but less surprising.

Another Cabinet Minister, Penny Mordaunt, the International Development Minister, is also reported to have debated her position following a Cabinet debate on Wednesday, calling Ms. May diplomatically "passionate." Up to ten Cabinet ministers had allegedly expressed reservations.

Iain Duncan Smith, a leading conservative Brexit supporter and former party leader, told the BBC that the impact of Raab's resignation was "devastating." because it indicated that the concerns of the Brexit Secretary had been ignored, despite his central position in the government and in the retreat negotiations.

This is the misfortune of the party around the party, as Mrs. May's bill represents the bill of those who want to oust it could change.

In order to reach a vote of no confidence against Mrs. May, the written demands of the 48 conservative legislators are required. Although the hard-hitting pro-Brexit faction has this number, it has so far held back because it does not think it offers enough support to overthrow.

To overthrow them as Prime Minister, a majority of conservative legislators would be required – At least 158 ​​- vote to push them out of office.

Ms. May was confronted with a barrage of criticism on Thursday in parliament, especially from members of her own party. A conservative legislator, Julian Lewis, described their deal with Europe as a "Brexit deal for Hotel California," which ensures that we can never really leave the E.U. "

Mr. Rees-Mogg, the conservative Brexit hardliner, said the Prime Minister's promises and actions" do not match up "and asked why he should not join those calling for a vote of no confidence, and later confirmed that he had done just that.

The British voted in favor of an EU referendum in 2016, but since then, the Conservatives have been split between those who want to maintain close economic ties with the bloc to protect the country's economy and others,

Worrying about Ms. May, many of her enemies, both right and left, are converging on the view that the compromise she has carefully crafted is the worst of both worlds Britain remains without a voice in the European Union , however, continues to be subject to many of its trade rules and several leading proponents of Brexit have drafted the agreement s classified as worse than the membership in the block they find so objectionable.

Discussion focused on plans designed to ensure that future trade talks do not involve physical checks on the border between Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom, and Ireland, which is a member of the European Union.

The so-called backstop plan, which is part of the draft treaty, affects the entire United Kingdom. The Kingdom would remain in a customs union with the European Union until future trade plans are drafted that negate the need for border controls.

But Northern Ireland would be subject to more regulatory processes by the European Union than the rest of the country. One fact stated by Mr Raab "poses a very real threat to the integrity of the United Kingdom."

He also disagreed with the fact that Britain could not unilaterally abandon the restraint stop a way out of a customs union and trade with other countries.

Suella Braverman, one of Raab's secretary for Brexit, also resigned on Thursday. Their departure was preceded on Thursday morning by the resignation of Shailesh Vara, a younger Northern Irish minister.

Shortly before his announcement at a press conference in Brussels, Michel Barnier, the European Union's chief negotiator, spoke and Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, said that they would convene a summit meeting on 25 November, at which the State and government leaders of the states could support the deal.

Tusk said the agreement approved by the British Cabinet fulfills two key objectives: It limits the damage that Brexit would cause and protects the vital interests of the 27 remaining member states and the European Union as a whole.

"We always have Brexit is a missed situation, and these negotiations have always been about mitigation," he said.

Mr Barnier said in the coming days when the focus will be on the conclusion of a political statement It would be "intense", setting out the future relationship between Britain and the European Union, adding, "We have no time to lose." Effect on March 29.

European Union officials However, they made it clear that they wanted the summit to be held on the assumption that turbulence in the party of Ms. May would not paralyze or overtax her government.

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