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Brexit: Deputy Labor MP Tom Watson calls for a referendum before the elections

  Tom Watson

The Labor Party must prioritize the reversal of Brexit through another referendum on gaining power in general elections, said Deputy Chairman Tom Watson.

He will warn against an early election before the end of the year Maybe he will not be able to solve the current blockade.

He blocks Jeremy Corbyn and says there is "no good Brexit deal," and Labor must make an unmistakable commitment to staying.

Mr Corbyn said Labor has to offer voters both leave and leave options.

After meeting with union leaders on Tuesday, Labor's leaders promised another referendum on Brexit with a "credible holiday option" versus "staying" if his party wins the next parliamentary elections.

The election manifesto promises to achieve a better Brexit deal, but is not expected to commit to Leave or Remain. Mark Serwotka, secretary-general of the PCS union, said that this was the "only sensible" position, and the binary option offered in a referendum was a "giant gamble" that threatened that existing political divisions were "maintained".

"I think Tom Watson's intervention is irresponsible, not what the labor community needs," he told BBC Newsnight.

Mr. Watson and other high-ranking Labor figures, including Sir Keir Starmer, who will run for EU membership.

BBC Newsnight political editor, Nick Watt, said he believes Corbyn's goal is to have "Leave" and "Remain" fans in the next election. However, in another referendum, he may be forced to allow colleagues to camp on both sides.

Labor voted twice in the past week against an early parliamentary election, thwarting Boris Johnson's plans for an early poll on 1

5 October. The party leadership has insisted that she look forward to a vote after the risk of Brexit's unchanged on October 31 was ruled out.

  • Labor's Hunt for the "Reconciliation" of Brexit

In a speech in London, Mr. Watson appears "While this does not make it desirable", an autumn parliamentary election appears unavoidable given the loss of control of Boris Johnson in parliament.

"Elections should never be single issue campaigns", he will propose important topics such as the future The economic inequality and crime of the NHS are "drowned out" by the Brexit message from Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

"The only way to finally overcome the stalemate at Brexit is by public referendum referendum," he said. "A general election may not solve this Brexit chaos."

In the event of another parliamentary election in the coming months, Watson believes Labor must be "crystal clear" as it is when it comes to Brexit when it comes to holding a hearing for the rest of its domestic agenda.

"There is no good Brexit deal, which is why I believe we should work to keep him in. This is the overwhelming majority of Labor Party members, MPs, and MPs unions believe."

"Come back"

The Liberal Democrats, who pushed Labor into third place in the European elections in May with a compelling anti-Brexit message, are pushing for Brexit to be stopped by withdrawal Article 50 – the legal procedure for the departure of the United Kingdom.

While Mr. Watson ceases to demand this himself, it will not be too late for Labor to "recapture" voters from the Lib Dems to remain "unequivocal."

"My experience on The Threshold tells me that most of those who have abandoned us because of our Brexit policy have done so with deep regret and would very much prefer to return," he adds.

"They just want us to take a clear position, whatever happens. We'll fight to stay and sound as if we're serious."

Sir Keir Starmer will be on Tuesday before Trade Union Congress say another referendum is the only way to "eliminate the Tories chaos".

"And – of course – should" stay "and will stand on the ballot, along with a credible option to leave."

The Conservatives said Mr Watson had made it clear that he wanted to "cancel" Brexit in 2016 as a result of the referendum.

"Only Boris Johnson and the Conservatives will conduct Brexit until October 31 without any ifs or buts so that we can focus on issues that matter to people," said party leader James Cleverly ,

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