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"Brexit" Draft Deal: British Cabinet meets

• Although the Cabinet approves the draft, there are still some steps to take before it can take effect. The deal requires the approval of the British Parliament, which is by no means certain. The European Parliament and the 27 other members of the bloc would also have to approve it.

• One key point is the Irish border, a controversial issue for which there is no easy solution as the negotiators try to find a way to pass people and goods without enforcing border controls.

Forecasts and Forecasts of the British Press

The Daily Mail called it "Day of Judgment" and the Daily Telegraph a "moment of truth" London, meanwhile, wrote that Prime Minister Theresa May was charged with treason for her plans for Brexit Service. "

On Wednesday, the British press was dominated by reports of a draft Brexit deal by Ms. May and speculation about what might happen when their senior ministers meet.

But The Sun, one of the loudest advocates of Brexit, predicted that there would be hard Hardx Brexiteers in the office of Mrs. May Ton – but not too much rage.

The popular press reported that the highest-ranking ministers for Brexit would meet when the Cabinet convened for a presumably long, crucial meeting.

However, some resignations from the Cabinet are said to be less lofty -profile cabinet ministers supporting Brexit are possible – something that would embarrass Ms May, though it probably would not ruin her leadership.

People expected by Ms. May include influential Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab; Environment Minister Michael Gove; Transport Minister Chris Grayling; and the leader of the lower house, Andrea Leadsom. New recruits for the Brexit event – Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt and Interior Minister Sajid Javid – are also likely to support the Prime Minister, reported Sun Social Political Editor Tom Newton Dunn.


The Minister, Penny Mordaunt for International Development, arriving Tuesday at 10 Downing Street

Tolga Akmen / Agence France-Presse – Getty Images

"The Sun knows that none of the key players have to step down today, and everyone is reluctant to follow their plan for now," Newton said. He was less confident that International Development Minister Penny Mordaunt would stay.

The Sun reported that Ms. Mordaunt had asked Ms. May to suspend collective government responsibility if the parliament were to violate the agreement. That would allow the ministers to vote against the government policies that the Cabinet ministers normally defend.

Analysts are also overseeing the retirement of Esther McVey, the employment and pension secretary. – STEPHEN CASTLE


Prime Minister Theresa May last month in Brussels. The Cabinet meeting on Wednesday could affect or break her political career.

Alastair Grant / Associated Press

The backlash begins before the Prime Minister speaks

Even before the draft of the Brexit Agreement was published or the government made a public statement in its defense, the backlash in Parliament was in full swing With conservative hardliners condemning the plan in statements and television interviews.

The hardliners argue that the deal would subject Great Britain to EU rules, but without influencing them. They are also concerned that Britain has no unilateral right to leave the Temporary Customs Union.

May's former Brexit secretary, David Davis, described the deal on Twitter as "EU domination, imprisonment in the Customs Union and status of 2nd grade," adding that "the Cabinet and all conservatives MEPs should be counted and say no to this capitulation. "

When she left the meetings at Downing Street 10 on Wednesday, Ms. Mordaunt refused to answer the reporters who asked if she supported the plan.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, a hardened Brexit supporter and longtime critic of government strategy, told the BBC that the proposed deal was "a failure of the government's negotiating position and a failure of Brexit" (19459039)] – STEPHEN CASTLE

Theresa May and her Brexit deal have an Irish problem

The Conservative Party of the Prime Minister does not have a majority in parliament, so their government relies on the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland to speak out against the deal before it was made public.

The leader of the DUP, Arlene Foster, made it clear in her statement on Tuesday that she was not satisfied with the upcoming deal. She traveled to London on Wednesday.

Jeffrey Donaldson, a leading DUP legislator, went further and told the BBC on Wednesday that what he heard from the draft Brexit agreement "undermined the constitutional and economic integrity of the UK." and warned that he was not afraid to trigger a general election by resisting the plan.

The Conservatives hold 315 seats in the lower house, just ahead of the 326 for an absolute majority, and Ms. May needs the tacit support of the DUP, which has 10 seats and camped for the Brexit. A majority of Northern Irish voters objected.

The most sensitive aspect of the plan is the so-called backstop to prevent physical checks at the border between Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom, and Ireland, which will remain in the European Union.

According to the draft, Britain would temporarily remain in a customs union with the European Union until a long-term trade agreement is negotiated. However, the commitments for Northern Ireland would be more extensive, in particular as regards compliance with the standards set by the internal market of the European Union, leading to increased regulatory oversight of goods flowing from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.


The River Foyle near Londonderry. On the left the Republic of Ireland, on the right Northern Ireland.

Andrew Testa for the New York Times

This is viewed by the DUP, which wants to remain part of the United Kingdom, as an almost existential threat.

There is a danger for the DUP of voting against Ms. May to make a choice that could bring to power Jeremy Corbyn, the Labor's opposition leader. Mr. Corbyn has a close relationship with Sinn Fein, which promotes a united Ireland.

The D.U.P. It may be less concerned about the other possible consequences of the blocking of Mrs. May's plan, such as a no-deal Brexit, and could conclude that this could strengthen relations between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom. It could also be calculated that another referendum that abolished Brexit and maintained the status quo was less offensive than that of Mrs. May. – STEPHEN CASTLE

A rhetorical turn of the Prime Minister

Peace in peace: "No deal is better than a bad deal." Long live a compromise.

Theresa May is generally not seen as a treacherous political operator, but on Wednesday the promise, which was her Brexit mantra, was reversed significantly. For nearly two years, she has repeatedly reassured the country that "no deal is better for the UK than a bad deal for the UK."

That promise – that she's hot on her heels More of a compromise than compromising Britain's interests – she helped her maintain the loyalty of the Brexiteers in her own party. She was so optimistic and confident that the pound rose sharply in the hours after she had first formulated it.

On Wednesday, however, it was clear that Mrs. May's message was a bluff. It has been replaced by the opposite logic conveyed in the most urgent terms: A compromise with the European Union – a package of victories and losses – is better than no deal.

Economists and business leaders warned against an abrupt "cliff edge" A Brexit with no agreement to replace membership could have catastrophic consequences for Britain, including lack of food and other goods and sudden price increases. "Moderate voices have long been compromised Mays rhetorical craftmanship helped to keep tough battleships aboard while he was to give Brussels a little to prevent a chaotic outcome.

But putting the language of the Eurosceptic right.

Ms. May has taken on the threat of a last-minute explosion for […]

For Brexiteers, this deal has less to do with practical consequences than passion and principle, and Ms. May's relentless words made her more courageous could have been betrayed, she could now pay the price. – ELLEN BARRY

For Brexit, a Watery New Slogan

To the canon of Brexit metaphors: divorce, cliff edge, cake-eating negotiators have added another: the swimming pool.

Inexplicable So the diplomats in Brussels describe a crucial part of the Brexit deal: the decision as to how closely Britain and Northern Ireland will be drawn to the European market, if Britain and the European Union after Brexit, the British imperial federation, no long-term Negotiating trade can be reported journalist Robert Peston.

This swimming pool has two levels. Northern Ireland would be in the deep zone, up to European regulations. This would prevent the smooth trade with Ireland, a country resident in the European Union, from preventing the return of the Irish border.

But Britain would be over. Like Northern Ireland, it would remain in the European customs union but escape the single market for goods. This would give him a certain distance from the rules of the bloc, but still prevent him from concluding his own trade agreements with non-European countries.

Still with us?

The separation between deep and shallow ends of the pelvis could be a deal-breaker.

This would mean diverging trade rules within the UK and the prospect of a border – no matter how meaningless the European negotiators are in it – in the Irish Sea. – BENJAMIN MUELLER

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