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Brexit: Eurostar services could be disrupted by no-deal

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If there is no deal

Eurostar trains and electricity shipments in Northern Ireland face potential disruptions if the UK leaves the EU without a deal, the government says.

The last series of quota papers for a no-deal Brexit warn rail service could be suspended without specific agreements with France and Belgium

The electricity market on the Irish island could no longer operate, meeting consumers on both sides

Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab said Britain is prepared for all eventualities.

Ministers insisted that they seek a negotiated agreement before the United Kingdom's departure on 29 March 201


But they continue to provide the public and businesses with information about the consequences if they do not.

The final installment of documents, the fourth published so far, indicates that some railway operators will have to apply for new licenses, certificates and permits from an EU rail in the event of a break-out (19659007) operators such as Eurostar, which currently own only one British license would be affected unless individual agreements were made with countries on the continent.

The operator operates about 40 daily direct services via the Channel Tunnel from London to Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and other destinations.

Mr Raab said people should not hesitate to buy train tickets as the UK would work with its French, Belgian and Dutch counterparts to ensure that they could travel and goods could be moved.

But Labor said, "No, do not assure anyone" as "the ministers barely scratched the surface what would have to be done if Britain broke out of the EU without a deal".

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Netflix access to the continent can not be guaranteed

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British horses are a fixture in Europe's top race – but can expect additional handicaps

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The most recent documents cover more than 25 topics from vacation packages to pesticides

The Liberal Democrats said a no deal would be a "disaster", but people should not be "afraid" to choose what they supposedly proposed with Theresa May's EU agreement.

The UK exit negotiations are nearing a critical juncture, and both sides are pushing for an agreement by mid-November at the latest.

The documents released on Friday warn of potential implications for the electricity market in Northern Ireland if the current North-South regulations for the electricity market can not be continued.

The Department for EU withdrawal stated that she was keen to cooperate with Dublin and Brussels on an agreement to maintain the existing arrangements outcome of the negotiations, including no agreement.

But it warned there was a risk that Northern Ireland would be energetically separated from the Republic of Ireland, and this would make the market "less efficient".

Fall-back plans "

In such a situation, it was said regulators may need to make" fallback arrangements "to ensure transmission of electricity between the UK and Northern Ireland and to maintain the required power generation capacity

Raab said that the electricity market was the product of bilateral cooperation between London and Dublin, and he hopes that it will stay that way, and even if that were not the case, he said the United Kingdom was prepared.

"We have Liaison lines and the regulatory measures that the government can take to ensure that Northern Ireland maintains the necessary energy supply. "


Current regulations mean that Northern Ireland actually depends on electricity generated in the Republic

Concerning consumer rights, the British could be prohibited from accessing their Netflix, Spotify and other online entertainment accounts while traveling to the 27 remaining EU Member States.

For package vacationers there is no change EU-based company and completed outside the UK – if they are not protected from bankruptcy of the company.

In the case of a no-deal exit, the transport of horses to the continent could also be disturbed.

Unless the EU allows Great Britain to be granted the status of "Third Country" on the day of departure, no horses will be allowed to travel to the continent – a potentially major blow to the racing industry.

The government said it was confident that the United Kingdom met the animal health requirements to ensure immediate admission as a third country, so it is subject to the same rules as countries like Australia and New Zealand.

But, it added, "in the event that the UK is not a listed country, the movement of horses into the EU could not take place".

The documents also say that the United Kingdom wants to retain the benefits of the 40 free trade agreements with more than 70 countries that it has accepted as an EU member.

Other topics covered in the documents from Friday are:

  • Trade in and trade in endangered species protected by CITES
  • Breeding animals
  • Commercial fishing [19659049] Exporting of cultural objects
  • ] Funding for British Overseas Territories
  • Sanction policy
  • Trade in rough diamonds
  • Accounting and auditing

Former no-deal papers warned of the risks of British flights The continent is moored and Britons visiting the EU need to pay additional credit card fees.

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