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Brexit: Gavin Williamson attacks the talks of Theresa May with Labor

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The Brexit talks between Prime Minister Theresa May and the Labor Party are a "grave mistake", according to former Secretary of Defense Gavin Williamson.

Ms. May hopes for a bipartisan consensus on her resignation agreement after failing to reach parliament three times.

But Mr. Williamson ̵

1; fired over the Huawei Leak – told the Mail on Sunday that the talks were "doomed to fail".

He added that Jeremy Corbyn's only real interest was a parliamentary election.

Jonathan Blake, political correspondent for the BBC, said a source from Downing Street indicated that Mr. Williamson "supported the process while he was in the Cabinet" and that he was "not" involved in the talks themselves.

The South Staffordshire Conservative MP said it was closing an agreement with Labor on Brexit sounding so simple and so reasonable – but would not work.

Bread with the Prim English: www.germnews.com dn / 1996/03 / 22.html The Minister and the announcement that both parties have reached an agreement can only end in tears, "he said. Englisch: www.germnews.de/archive/gn/1996/03/22.html.

"The Labor Party does not exist to help the Conservative Party."

"Jeremy Corbyn will do anything to overthrow, disrupt, and defeat the Conservatives in hopes of overthrowing the government.

"His goal, and he has made no secret of it, to make a parliamentary election."

Mr. Williamson said the Prime Minister did not seem to notice the fact that many Tories believe that they "negotiated with the enemy."

He continued, "Although we have reached a point where Jeremy Corbyn reaches an agreement with the Prime Minister, Labor will re-form itself when it comes to a detailed examination of votes.

" Even though it survives the first votes, it is so will fail later. "

Britain was to leave the EU on 29 March, but the deadline was postponed to 31 October after Parliament failed to agree on a way.

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PA [19659020] Caption [19659020] Gavin Williamson was released earlier this month by the Prime Minister

Mr. Williamson was dismissed as Secretary of Defense after a leak investigation had been conducted from a National Security Council meeting at the highest level.

Downing Street stated that the prime minister had "lost confidence in his ability to serve", and announced Penny Mordaunt as his successor.

The investigation came to a newspaper after details of a discussion by the NPC about a plan to give Chinese technology company Huawei limited access to building the new UK 5G network.

Mr. Williamson, the defender was secretary between 2017 and 2019, denied "energetic" the disclosure of the information.

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