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Brexit: Hammond says the prime minister "ruined" the chance of a new deal

  Boris Johnson and Philip Hammond on Downing Street

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Former Chancellor Philip Hammond has blamed the Prime Minister for trying to destroy the chance of a new Brexit deal Demands to the EU never accepted.

In a Times article, Hammond said a Brexit without agreement would be "a betrayal" of the outcome of the 201

6 referendum.

He said Parliament would "make his voice heard," adding that a No -Deal "should not happen". ,

The source added that Mr. Hammond as Chancellor had "done everything in his power" to block the preparations for the departure and "undermined negotiations".

The former Chancellor rejected this proposal in a tweet and said he wanted to deliver Brexit "and voted for it three times".

Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on the EU to lift the Irish Border Plan before the Brexit deadline of 31 October.

Many of those who voted against the Brexit of Theresa May The agreement had reservations about the backstop – to ensure that there would be no hard Irish border after Brexit – when implementing Northern Ireland on some of the EU's rules Internal market.

Mr Hammond, in his first comments since the resignation of last month, h, the first signs that Mr Johnson could get Britain out of the EU with an existing agreement are "not encouraging".

He wrote: "The linchpin of the call for changes to the backstop to demand its complete removal is a linchpin from a tough bargaining stand to a destructive."

"The unelected people who Knowing that this is a demand that the EU can not and will not accede to. "

BBC Political Correspondent Tom Barton said this remark was an obvious target of the Prime Minister's closest advisor, Dominic Cummings,

"Travesty of Truth"

Mr. Hammond also warned that a Brexit would "smash the UK" without a deal, and said the reality would be "a scaled down and down "It was a" travesty of truth, "he said, pretending that Leave voters at the 2016 referendum will have a Brexit without abbr have supported.

"Most people in this country want us to be smooth and orderly, not to disturb our lives, to cost jobs, or to reduce living standards, whether in 2016, when they voted to leave or stay." [19659018] "The parliament faithfully reflects the opinion of this majority and will be heard."

Hammond's comments come when Downing Street said it would be expected that a group of MPs will try to block a Brexit deal without them try to pass laws when the parliament returns next month.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Commons spokesman John Bercow told an audience in Edinburgh Randfest that he must "strongly believe in the House of Commons have their way".

He said he'll "with every breath fight in my body "when the prime minister tries to suspend the parliament to enforce a no deal against the deputies.

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According to Amber Rudd, the government should Do not take action against Members by suspending the Parliament

On Tuesday, Labor and Pension Minister Amber Rudd urged Mr. Johnson not to force a suspension.

She told the BBC: "I remain a great admirer of parliament and parliamentary sovereignty and I will continue to work for the executive branch of the government to which I belong to work with Parliament."

In the Meanwhile, the Sun has announced that Mr. Hammond and 20 other senior Tory deputies have written to the Prime Minister to voice his demand for removal "The Irish backstop" set the bar so high that there is no realistic likelihood of a deal being made comes ".

MEPs said they were "alerted by the 'Red Lines' that they have drawn and that at first sight seem to exclude the possibility of reaching an agreement with the EU."

The The Group also demands that Mr Johnson declare that he is determined to leave the EU with an agreement and ready to compromise in order to achieve one of the "both publicly and p rably" leadership campaign.

Seven more former Cabinet ministers are said to have signed the letter, including David Lidington, David Gauke, Rory Stewart, and Greg Clark, all of whom resigned prior to Mr. Johnson's inauguration.

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