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Brexit: Labor calls for parliamentary recall after publishing Brexit papers without agreement

  Sir Keir Starmer

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Labor said it was "more important than ever" that Parliament be recalled after the government published its assessment of the Brexit ban.

Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer said the Yellowhammer document confirms that there are "serious risks" if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

MPs forced the government to release the file before the parliament was suspended on Tuesday ̵

1; or the minutes were pending.

The Government announced that the remedies for non-compliance with the contract would be published in due course.

Sir Keir said that the recall of the Parliament would "give Members the opportunity to examine these documents and take all necessary steps to prevent non-compliance".

His comments followed a On Thursday, the highest Scottish civil court ruled that the government's transmission of parliament was unlawful.

The Yellowhammer file, which is partially edited and almost identical to a version leaked in the Sunday Times last Monday, says a no-deal Brexit could lead to:

  • a "decline" of certain species of fresh foods and a reduction in the supply of key ingredients
  • Increases in food and fuel prices that would "disproportionately" affect them with low income
  • "Up to six months upset", which may affect medicines and medical care
  • Protests and counter-protests across the UK
  • Trucks waiting more than two days to cross the English Channel

The document also says that some companies could stop trading, the black market is growing and some social security providers are growing Adults could fail.

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Queues in ports are among the deal consequences investigated by the government

Michael Gove, the minister responsible for no-deal planning, said that "revised assumptions" "will be published in due course together with a document explaining the remedies introduced and planned by the government". [19659005] However, the ministers blocked the release of communications between Adjutant No. 10 on the suspension of parliament.

Mr. Gove said MPs demanded emails, texts and WhatsApp messages from Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson's chief assistant, and eight other advisors in Downing Street were "unreasonable and disproportionate".

The publication of the information would "violate the law" and "violate the basic principles of fairness".

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Dominic Cummings was one of those named in the call for release of communications

The government attempted to oppose the publication of Operation Yellowhammer's document but lost a vote on the issue in the House of Commons on Monday before suspension of parliament and was forced to do so.

The document dated 2 August warns of interruptions in Dover and other canal crossings for at least three months, an increased risk of disturbances in public order and a certain lack of fresh food.

"Food price is rising"

The document states that certain types of fresh food supply may "lose weight" and "critical food chain dependencies" may be "shorter" than key ingredients.

These factors, however, would not lead to a general food shortage "Reduce product availability and selection and increase the price, which could affect vulnerable groups."

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Media Caption There were quite extraordinary days in the House of Commons. [19659036] According to Ument, low-income groups will be "disproportionately affected by food and fuel price increases".

The cross-channel flow of goods could be "subject to significant disruption of up to six months duration".

This will affect the supply of medicines and medical supplies. "

" The dependence of supply chains of medicines and medical products on the intersection of short roads makes them particularly vulnerable to serious longer delays.

"Official, Sensitive"

The document also warns of potential clashes when foreign fishing vessels enter British territorial waters the day after the United Kingdom's departure, saying that economic difficulties could be caused by floods or an influenza pandemic in the UK Winters "Tightened." [19659005] Chris Mason, BBC's political correspondent, said some of the outlined scenarios were "blatant," but ministers insisted that the paper was not predicting what would happen.

Das Document previously classified as "official, sensitive" is not an official Cabinet paper dating from 10 days after Mr. Johnson took office.

Retailers said the document confirmed that what they said was "in the case." a Brexit will happen without a deal.

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Medie signature Confused of Brexit jargon? Reality Check unpacks the basics.

"The availability of fresh food will decrease, consumer choice will decline and prices will rise," said Helen Dickinson of the British Retail Consortium.

And the British Medical Association described the Yellowhammer file as "alarming" and that it upheld its warnings about non-deal agreements, including the risk of supply shortages.

MEPs voted on Monday to approve all internal correspondence and communications, including e-mails, texts and WhatsApp messages, between Nine Advisor No. 10 regarding the suspension of parliament.

However, the government said it would not comply with MEPs' demands and referred to possible data protection breaches and employment rights.

This is not an "old" Yellowhammer assessment as claimed by the government in August.

It comes from the latest internal no-deal planning from August, dating back to the Boris Johnson's Government. [19659005] The Government hopes that their recent efforts will address some of the key aspects of Dokum These changes, which are called "reasonable worst-case assumptions", will change, but these changes have yet to be made.

Everything depends on the core Guessing about the disruption of freight across the Channel – that more than half would be stuck for up to two and a half days Consequences from fresh food supplies to stability in Northern Ireland to providers of benefits and medicines for humans and animals.

I was also assured that a widely used version of this document came from the same day the phrase was "base scenario".

It's a bit confusing that there can be a base case for a worst-case planning assumption.

In any case, these are the actual, plausible short-term shocks of a no-deal Brexit.

The section on Northern Ireland is particularly worrying. In many ways, it is unbelievable to have such a list of the plausible consequences of government policy.

It is not difficult to understand why the government resisted their release. It is unlikely that the mood of an already skeptical commons will improve.

But it's really the first tangible, quotable assessment of what Whitehall's fears might be.

Mr Gove said that the legal advice had been received from Mr Johnson before requesting Parliament's approval was public after disclosure in the context of ongoing court proceedings, but there was no justification for finding "much more comprehensive" information.

"The naming of persons regardless of their rights or the resulting consequences goes well beyond an appropriate parliamentary right under this procedure.

" These persons have no right of reply and the procedure used is appropriate not to them all of the protective measures that would be in place properly.

"It violates the principles of fairness and due diligence on its employees."

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