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Brexit LIVE: Deal for 21 DAYS – Dominic Raab says, "It's firmly in sight" Politics | news

The negotiations resumed in Brussels on Monday morning, but it is unclear whether progress has been made on the important backing.

Today, the EU-27 ambassadors will gather after their emergence, as Dublin is making plans for a hard Brexit with increased patrols along the border and the revival of checkpoints that have not been used since the dark days of the Troubles.

The ambassadors were told to expect an update on the Irish backstop stalemate, reports Politico Europe. Insiders claim Dublin's Irish border Preparations are "much more advanced" than was publicly acknowledged.

A source said, "Things are much wider than people are saying in public when it comes to preparing for a no-deal Brexit. [1

9659002] "There are already customs branches. You drive the M1 up to Belfast, and you see the gap that's been there for 20 years, where people have been used for customs checks, and it's probably evolving more with the things that exist.

There was also an increase Official figures show the number of British residents who apply for Irish passports.

Applications have almost doubled since the EU referendum, as people are trying to secure the right to free movement and free work in the bloc after Brexit.

  Theresa May and Michel Barnier

EU ambassadors await an Irish border issue update (Image: GETTY)

Individuals with Irish parents or grandparents can apply for an Irish passport.

The country's message in London It received 44,900 applications from January to June, making it one of the busiest destinations so far this year after the Brexit rush.

Britons traveling in Europe could face long queues in airport queues when there is no Brexit where there is no deal. 19659002] DOWNLOAD FOR LIVE UPDATES

  Irish border "title =" Irish border "data-w =" 590 "data-h =" 393 "src1 =" https://cdn.images.express.co .uk / img / dynamic / 139 / 590x / secondary / irish-border-1578455.jpg? r = 1541006072948 "data-media1 =" "data-imgcount =" 1 "/> </p>
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EU officials, including Michel Barnier, visit the Irish border [Image: GETTY]

Update at 16:30 Watch: Dominic Raab says the EU's resignation contract could be finalized within 3 weeks

Raab expects a deal on the retreat to be completed by November 21.

The Brexit secretary told a bipartisan MEPs' Committee that the end of the negotiations is "now in sight"

Mr Raab said: "I would like to inform the committee when an agreement is concluded and currently expect 21 November to be suitable.

15:30 Update: SNP MP warns that support for referendum could be problematic for future votes

SNP MP Pete Wishart has said a second referendum on membership of the UK in the EU could represent "any potential risks for a future independence referendum or nothing".

Mr Wishart said a second referendum could make it harder to resist demands for another election in Scotland if nationalists were

  Dominic Raab "data-w =" 590 "data-h = "350" src1 = "https://cdn.images.express.co.uk/img/dynamic/139/590x/secondary/DominicRaab-1579346.jpg?r=1541006073042" data-media1 = "" data-imgcount = "1" /> </p>
<p><span class= Dominic Raab said a deal would be completed on November 21 (Image: GETTY)

1.44pm Update: Brexit deal "not the biggest challenge in the world "

Britain's richest man claims to bargain for Brexit should not be" the biggest challenge in the world "" deal "in a" reasonable "way.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, 66, chief executive of the petrochemical giant Ineos said he did not like the "drama" surrounding Britain's exit from the EU.

Sir Jim, the beginning of this yes hres, who leads the Sunday Times Rich List with a fortune of £ 21 billion, was knighted on Wednesday at Buckingham Palace.

He said, "I do not think it would have been the world's biggest challenge to actually negotiate Brexit because you're just taking back sovereignty."

"You're trying to organize a sensible trade deal … and you know we got it the old relationships.

"We entered the war and sacrificed many people and much of our economy, for ourselves, but also for the needs of others in Europe."

"I do not see why reaching an agreement with our Europeans Colleagues should be so difficult.

"We should only be able to get there in a sensible way."

"There is a lot of drama in the area that I do not like. 12.40pm Update: Philip Hammond could be crowned "King of Brexit"

Federal Chancellor Philip Hammond could be Pr Minister Theresa May as "King and Queen of Brexit," declared Tory's deputy Peter Bone to Subordinates.

Brexiteer Mr. Bone praised the Chancellor for a "Brexit dividend budget" with a questionable grimace from Mr. Hammond.

Bone claimed that a no-deal Brexit would allow the Chancellor to pay the divorce fee Picking up £ 39bn and launching a new era of better public services without raising taxes.

He said, "I always thought the Chancellor would be a little unclear about Brexit, but how wrong I was.

"This week he announced a Brexit dividend budget if we left the EU without agreement."

"He will be able to lower tariffs, abolish VAT on certain products, and re-allocate the 39 Billions of pounds that he wanted to give to the EU for this country lowered taxes, improved public services and lowered debt.

"Prime Minister, I always thought you might be the queen of Brexit, but have you ever thought of the Chancellor Could the King be?"

Update at 12.02 pm: Prime Minister meets business leader

Theresa May and Chancellor Philip Hammond meet with around 120 business leaders and major investors, as the fear of no-deal-Brexit continues to grow.

The agenda is dominated by Brexit and the budget, which also includes spending, pledges and higher taxes on technology companies.

After five months to reach a deal before Britain leaves the European Union, business leaders demand assurance about the nature of the trade clauses that will provide for the divorce.

The negotiations stalled over a disagreement over a fallback plan to avoid a hard line in Ireland if a future trade relationship is not established on time.

The last meeting with corporate leaders follows a conference call that the prime minister has held with a similarly sized group of Gisin business leaders earlier this month.

  Theresa May "title =" Theresa May "data-w =" 590 "data-h =" 461 "src1 =" https://cdn.images.express.co.uk/img/dynamic/139/590x /secondary/Theresa-May-1578935.jpg?r=1 541006073132 "data-media1 =" "data-imgcount =" 1 "/> </p>
<p><span class= Theresa May meets business representative (Photo: GETTY)

11.29 Update: David Clarifies Brexit Deal Position

Former Brexit Secretary David Davis posted a tweet announcing his views on Theresa May's chances of receiving a Brexit deal.

He had reportedly told a meeting that "terror will win the Brexit negotiations" and Britain would succumb to "irrational fear" of divorce "without agreement."

Now, however, he has clarified that any agreement Based on the unpopular Checkers proposals by Ms. May, MEPs will not reach them if they hold their "meaningful voice" The Commons.

David Davies tweeted: "For the avoidance of doubt, I believe the Prime Minister will get a deal with the EU, but anything based on the Checkers plan or keeping us in the Customs Union will not happen to the Commons , 19659002] "Time for a Free Trade Agreement Proposed by the EU?" [19659002] 10:38 am Update: Bonfire Group Selects Boris Johnson as "Celebrity Guy"

A large portrait of Boris Johnson was made as a "Celebrity Guy" in 2018 The Edenbridge Bonfire Society unveiled.

Created by artist Andrea Deans, the giant Boris, shows a piece of EU pie as he carries the brand of his boarder shorts and bicycle helmets and buses at his feet, carrying the controversial £ 350 million Brexit campaign claim.

The image is burned The annual bonfires of the Edenbridge Bonfire Society on Saturday night.

  Bonfire Boris "title =" Bonfire Boris "data-w =" 590 "data-h =" 877 "src1 =" https://cdn.images.express. co.uk/img/dynamic/139/590x/secondary/Bonfire-Boris-1578718.jpg?r=1541006073187 "data-media1 =" "data-imgcount =" 1 "</p><div><script async src=

A big shot of Boris Johnson on Saturday night (Photo: AFP / GETTY)

10:04 am Update: Former Brexit Minister beats "inexplicable" European Commission

Former Brexit minister David Jones said one of the main reasons for that The Brexit vote was that the British people became aware of the "absolute irresponsibility" of the European Commission.

The Tory Brexit supporters ridicule the "European Union" train "before making a furious statement to the European Commission

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Mr. Jones said, "It's always a gravitational pull, but that's because it's a gravitational pull."

"I've got MPs in addition to their salaries receive so-called Spesenkahlungen, the they can spend in any way.

"And I think that's just one feature of the European Union as a whole. There is an immense waste. 9.16am on Update: Tens of Thousands Sign Petition to Block Referendum

Nearly 95,000 people have signed an online government petition to stop a second Brexit referendum "Ensuring the Rules of the Referendum." Democracy".

The petition was launched by Ronald Mitchell after 700,000 people hit the streets of London demanding a "referendum".

The petition signed by 94,345 people said: "Although the June 23, 2016 referendum on leaving the EU was not legally binding, this was the clearest indicator of voter will.

"At that time our Prime Minister David Cameron assured us that the result of the referendum would be carried out.

"We have to ensure the rules of democracy."

  Jeremy Hunt "title =" Jeremy Hunt "data-w =" 590 "data-h =" 428 "src1 =" https://cdn.images.express.co.uk/img/dynamic/139/590x / secondary / Jeremy -Hunt-1578725.jpg? R = 1541006073241 "data-media1 =" "data-imgcount =" 1 "/> </p>
<p><span class= Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt wants diplomatic transformation (Photo: GETTY)

8.30 am Update: Hunt proposes diplomatic reform after Brexit next

Some of the UK's key diplomatic jobs are to be opened to non-officials to recruit "under-represented groups" and expand their overseas operations.

After Brexit is only five months away, Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt is scheduled to join Make a speech on Wednesday to say, "We need to reinvigorate and expand British diplomacy."

He will brief an audience on the Policy Exchange. Emagazine.credit-suisse.com/app/art…2934 & lang = de The tank is said to create nearly 1,000 new diplomatic jobs and foreign language training abroad and in the United Kingdom.

This includes opening up Ambassadorial roles for external candidates, with Mr Hunt to say: "The strength of our network is its professionalism, which has given us that which I believe is the most beautiful language service in the world.

"But we must never close our eyes to the approaches and capabilities of other industries."

Update at 7:30 am: Workers Under No-Deal Brexit 19659002] Employers need to consider whether EU citizens have the right to work in the UK if there is no Brexit, Immigration Minister said Caroline Nokes.

Ms. Nokes said, "If someone's gone through the status you could prove it.

"If someone had not been here before the end of March next year, employers need to make sure that they go through sufficiently strict checks to prove that they have a human right to work. [19659002] "It would be a challenge for the government and employers to differentiate these two groups of people."

The government wants the 3.5 million EU citizens in the UK to apply for a permanent status so they can continue to live and work here, but that will not happen until Britain leaves the bloc next March.

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