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Brexit News: Theresa May has "new" Brexit plan, but nobody buys him

British Prime Minister Theresa May offered on Tuesday a "new" Brexit plan to approve her still-unpopular Brexit deal "new part, instead designing a 10-point strategy repeated the compromises or plans she had previously offered The Prime Minister made some notable concessions, in particular a vote on a second referendum and a vote on a kind of tariff agreement with the EU after Brexit

It is noteworthy that the May give MPs the opportunity to decide whether or not to hold a second referendum, which is basically a public vote on Brexit, because it has previously firmly opposed it, but the Prime Minister did not provide much detail on the referendum, including whether she supported it, how it would be executed, or what the public was asking

May's other Customs Union concession, with EU members trading without tariffs and minimal customs controls, offers a choice that does not suit either the pro-Brexit camp in its conservative party or the opposition Labor Party. May proposed a vote on whether MEPs want a temporary membership of the Customs Union after Brexit, or a plan for a "customs agreement" that would enable the UK to trade with the EU, but still have its own independent trade policy follow.

The referendum and customs agreement concessions are attempts to win opposition Labor Party members, even after talks between May and Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn failed last week. But these offers probably will not go far enough. Corbyn already said no, no chance.

"It's basically a reworking of what's been discussed before," Corbyn said Tuesday it's no better. Many did not vote for it until the third attempt because they thought that was the only way to get them out of office. Brexiters are largely against any type of customs agreement with the EU after Brexit, and most do not want to seek a second referendum.

May only gives MEPs the opportunity to vote on these options so they can (and can) be rejected. But it still makes the Conservative MPs angry if these options are not to be on the table at all. May has not won any new backers, and nearly two dozen who voted for their deal last time said they did not support them on this last try, the Guardian said.

A minister told Laura Kuenssberg of the BBC that May has managed to "take something bad and really worsen it".

Of course there were 10 points in the May speech. Sure, you ask, there had to be something good in there? In response, I leave this analysis to you by Watcher Peter Walker, which perfectly captures both the outrage of Brexit and the impossible situation of May.

Walker notes that in her speech, May repeated previously made promises – including worker and environmental rights. He points to May's futile compromise attempts. On the customs agreement proposal he writes: "Who will like it? Maybe nobody. In other words, May's "serious offer" to MPs is pretty much doomed to failure.

The PM had previously announced that she would set a timetable for her departure following the vote on her Brexit plan and the required legislation to withdraw from the European Union before the deadline of 31 October 2019.

This is provisionally scheduled for the first week of June, with conservatives seeking to replace May as soon as possible want to retire – even if anyone who takes power as the next Prime Minister will inherit exactly the same Brexit chaos.

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