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Brexit: PM says critics of their deal risk democracy

  Prime Minister Theresa May

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MEPs resume the debate on Ms. May's Brexit agreement on Wednesday before a vote next week

The PM called on MEPs to support their Brexit deal, saying it was the only way to honor the result of the referendum and protect the economy.

Theresa May wrote in the mail on Sunday that her critics ̵

1; both the Remainers and the Brexiteers – are risking democracy if they oppose their plan.

But a poll conducted for the People's Vote campaign suggests less than a quarter of voters are backing their Brexit deal.

MEPs to vote on support for Ms. May's Brexit plan next week.

The UK will leave the EU on 29 March 2019, regardless of whether or not it has an agreement with the EU.

An agreement has been agreed between the Prime Minister and the EU on the divorce conditions of the United Kingdom and the framework for future relations – however, it must be voted on before the parliamentary members are adopted in Parliament.

The lower house vote was scheduled for December, but Ms. May cut short the vote after it became clear that not enough MPs would vote for her deal.

Debate on the deal resumes on Wednesday The decisive vote expected for January 15th is expected.

Ms. May wrote in the mail: "The only way to honor the outcome of the referendum and to protect jobs and security is to support the agreement that is on the agenda table."

She said : "Nobody has an alternative plan", which delivers the result of the EU referendum, protects jobs and provides security for businesses.

"There are some in Parliament who vote in spite of the advocacy of holding the referendum, which agreed to the release of Article 50 and the observance of the Brexit manifestations, now wants to hold us back with another referendum," she said.

"Others throughout the lower house are so focused on their particular vision of Brexit that they make a perfect ideal to become the enemy of a good deal."

"Both groups are by what they consider the best country 'motivated, but both need to recognize the risks they have with our democracy and the livelihoods of our constituents.'

Brexit public survey

A survey of more than 25,000 Britons suggests that Labor will be punished by the electorate if the party either supports the government's deal or does not actively oppose it.

The YouGov Poll The campaign for the "People's Vote" campaign, which calls for another referendum, provides for 75 % of Labor supporters would prefer a final say in Brexit.

Mr Corbyn said earlier that the decision to leave the EU can not be reversed.

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Jeremy Corbyn said that Brexit was a "complete mess" and that Mrs. May was trying to "bring a bad deal" through parliament

In his New Year message, Corbyn said that Labor, if in power, would seek to resume negotiations with Brussels for a better outcome.

The poll also suggested:

  • 22% of Britons back The deal by Ms. May, who has risen to 28% among the voters of Leave 28
  • 53% of British believe they – instead of MPs – to have the last word on Brexit as soon as those who replied, "Do not know"
  • were removed Among those who said they would vote in another referendum, the survey said 54% would stay in the EU , compared with 46% for holidays

. Mrs May now has less than fourteen days to persuade Parliament to support her deal. [19659007ConservativePolice-deputymeansthattheyhaven'trepresentedtheBrexitforwhichLand2016hasdone-andsomewhattheBigBritishEUwillnotresetAbsociety

Other MPs are pushing for a second referendum, while opposition parties, including Labor, are being included in the plan to vote against their deal.

Labor wants to force a general election by rejecting a no-confidence vote against the government if the agreement is rejected by MPs.

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Ms. May has sought further assurances from EU leaders regarding more controversial issues aspects of the agreement such as the Irish border "backstop", with physical customs controls to be prevented on the Irish island.

The Democratic Union Party – whose support the Conservative Party in the House of Commons claims for a majority – wants to ensure that the backstop is temporary and that Britain and Northern Ireland can exit the EU without EU approval.

Earlier this week, a leading party personality said there was "no way" to support her deal.

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