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Brexit vote: Another defeat for May?

  Houses of Parliament in London

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There will be no third time lucky or unlucky for the Prime Minister if she returns part of her agreement to MEPs.

But what number 1

0 demands is that Parliament support their support for meaningful Vote 2.5.

Theresa May knows that the Commons are not yet ready to accept their deal as a whole.

The resistance is too great, the work in Parliament to find an alternative to their now established agreement, so that the government has the hope to suddenly make the Parliament in a queue and give her the support give that she has failed so long patterns.

But the vote on the planned Brexit day is an invitation to MPs to allow them to move on and continue on their path with their well-documented shortcomings.

There is also a challenge, not only for their own Brexiteers but also for Labor and the other opposition parties, to say that our withdrawal from the EU has been delayed for a long time, the last moment where number 10 approaches something Timely withdrawal can be guaranteed.

There are now signs that many Eurosceptic MPs are ready to say "yes" – not because they suddenly realize that their deal is perfect, but because, officially, more of them are recognized to be the clearest break the EU, which they can realistically hope for.

However, their Northern Irish allies are unconvinced. Labor, although they have sometimes accepted that the divorce agreement that is tomorrow on the table will never be taken up by the EU, will still essentially defend itself.

From today's perspective, some influential Brexiteers believe there is a chance tonight that they will come through. It seems Theresa May is suffering another loss.

But for number 10, there is another way to extend or at least try the road before the end of the road.

And in this control-defying environment, Theresa May deserves a try.

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