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Brief Review: Sloppiness Catches the Headlines of the Sun's Recent Breakouts Against Portland (120-106)

Even without Deandre Ayton, T.J. Warren and Richaun Holmes, who were available due to lower limb injuries, actually held the Phoenix Suns against the Portland Trail Blazers. The thing is, with one of the most inexperienced rotations for the entire league, many head scratching moments will usually be overcome.

A typical example of this sequence being involved in the first half of De'Anthony Melton and Quincy Acy. At first Jamal Crawford gave Acy a nice, open look at the pick-and-roll basket, but he does not even look at the rim before handing it over to Melton. Unfortunately, Melton does not even look at the basket as he drives and then turns in the middle of the air to find Acy in the corner. Slight sales and points on the other end for Portland because it was trying to do too much.

Again, these moments are anticipated on a young team, but they come back over a full 48 minutes of action. Another example is in the second quarter, where Josh Jackson had no idea what he was doing on a ride before building a shot that seemed to fall out of his hands before he retook it and found Dragan Bender for a nice penny ,

In another season for player development, this one for pheenix time11-39 after the recent defeat, you can find the positives you can

You know the exercise now with my reviews, Bright Side Of The Sun readers. I will pass on my biggest winners (Thumbs Up) and losers (Thumbs Down) from today's game.

Let us dive further.

Thumbs Up: Devin Booker & # 39; s First Quarter Scoring Binge

Without a hugely aggressive 10-minute opening stanza from Booker, Phoenix may never be as close to it as it is today. Booker scored 18 points in 6-for-9 shooting, again using numbers for transition opportunities. This is a trend I've noticed at Booker since returning to the Suns road trip last week.

Booker also scored a few three-point goals, including a rare pull-up he was struggling with. However, this season he cooled off significantly as Portland adjusted his defensive coverage.

Terry Stotts, Trainer of Trail Blazers, helped orchestrate a nice shot of Booker, to which Maurice Harkless and Evan Turner moved away from the ball. Then Stotts sent several auxiliary bodies that always hindered Booker when he entered the Restricted area, making it difficult for Booker to do so in the last three quarters.

Booker's main plus was helpful, but Portland's adjustments on Thursday night led to his big negative loss.

Thumbs Down: Sales Problems by Devin Booker

Credit in which Stotts and his coaching staff are due for this one loan. Booker finished six sales and tripled his overall assistance.

Whenever Booker tried to find his own teammates for open looks, they were either not converted or Portland made life difficult.

Not much more to add in this category, but this feels like the first game at a time when Booker's sales in a single tour was so negative.

If there's still no point guard for the starting caliber on the squad, you can not blame Booker for having such an absurd usage rate, especially without Ayton and Warren out there.

Thumbs Down: Dragan Bender

This was a quick 180-degree turn for Bender after his best two-game career in his career against Minnesota with double-double conceding. After initial assertiveness hit five times in the first quarter, the old Bender habits really began to lift their ugly head.

Within a few minutes, Bender noted the following:

  • Traveling injury while hesitating against incoming pressure
  • clogged in a roadside test but torn from the air with a foul
  • Jusuf Nurkic constantly came to the places he wanted against Bender on the ground, but missed only light blows.
  • After In all these moments, I noticed that Bender had lowered his head and was talking to himself. Bender's old tendency to get into his own mind took place before coach Igor Kokoskov pulled him out for Quincy Acy

. As you can see, everything seems to be back to normal on Bender Island. This action week proves that Bender can at least stay on the NBA level for another contract because he also scored 17 points in this game.

As I mentioned in the game preview, I also imagine that at the Golden State or in San Antonio around this time next year. Unfortunately for Bender, his time in Phoenix was just ahead of him – and those crazy inconsistencies will not help his case.

Thumbs up: Elie Okobo – Bench Spark Plug

Another Witness It's hard to get another positive result, but Okobo had at least some of his tantalizing offensive potential when De & # 39; Anthony Melton went down in the beginning of the second half with a sprained ankle. (Yes, another injury occurred with a Suns starter, which is the last thing you want to see with this team's current status.)

Okobo scored nine of his 12 points in a quick burst in the third quarter. The French national team number 31 is still struggling with defensive consistency as well as balancing scoring and buildup during the offense, but it's nice to see these kinds of sequences now and again from Talking Stick Resort Arena. Again, another blowout loss for the Suns as this glove will not fade away in the Western Conference long before the All-Star break.

Next, Phoenix visits Denver tomorrow evening to end the eclipse's latest back-to-back.

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