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Brighton vs. Manchester United marks and scores points as Paul Pogba and Romelu Lukaku score

Mourinho on the game

He told Sky Sports:

Too many mistakes and we were punished by them. Because sometimes you make mistakes and you are not punished, but we were today. I think the third goal is too hard and at half-time we tried and we tried in the second half, but in the second half the accumulation of mistakes and punishment for those mistakes with goals has luck and confidence step by step given to Brighton.

Do you think that today you suffered more from bad individual performance than from tactical problems?

When I talk about individual performances and I'm critical, you just do not accept it and the press the experts are very critical of me, if I go in that direction, please do not ask me to go in that direction because it is not good for me. I will gladly analyze their performance if they are good. It's a great thing for me to say that player A, B, C was fantastic. That's amazing for me.

I'll say if they're good, but if I can not do that, do not push me to the other side.

Were you shocked? Did not you expect what you saw in the first 45 minutes?

Obviously I did not expect big mistakes because we do not talk about small mistakes and we were punished by these big mistakes and of course if you lose your self confidence There is a normal tendency, a bit of that self confidence and a little direction to lose the game plan.

We came here with some intentions and lose 2-0, and you score a goal and think that from a mental point of view, we go 2-1

in the second half and make this mistake and give this goal and the players were Really really down at half time.

Second half, one goal could change things again. But our second goal came too late and then, when we wanted to play less direct ball, we are used to the fact that if we win the referees will have to get used to keeping the ball in the box, but Kevin looks like It was in a hurry to end the game, and when De Gea had the ball and was ready for the long final ball, Kevin finished the game and it was over, congratulating Brighton.

You did not sign the center you wanted …

The window is closed.

When will Sanchez be back?

I do not know if Sanchez can wait for results, but I do not think it's a big deal, one week, two weeks maximum.

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