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British Airways pilots finish the strike next week

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British Airways pilots have canceled the next strike in their dispute scheduled for September 27.

Last week, two days The attitude demanded by the Balpa pilots union forced the BA to cancel almost all flights.

The strike followed unsuccessful negotiations between the union and the airline over a pay offer of 1

1.5% over three years.

Balpa said the September 9th and 10th strike had shown the anger and determination of the pilots.

It was time for a period of reflection before the dispute "continues to escalate, causing irreparable damage to the brand," the union said.

A spokesperson for BA said, "We've just received this message, and we're reviewing the impact and will be updated in due course."

British Airways had already begun canceling flights for September 27 last Thursday – shortly before the 14-day deadline, if the company has to pay the passengers compensation if their journey is canceled.

The airline has announced that it will try to resume as many flights as possible, but it is not yet clear that they will all be included in the 27th September timetable.

British Airways announced that they will be in contact with customers to inform them.

The airline was forced to cancel 1,700 flights last week because the pilots paid too much.

Around 200,000 passengers had to change their travel plans because of the strikes.

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Around 200,000 people had to change their travel plans due to the pilot strike last week

Balpa hoped that BA "would now change its approach and negotiate seriously" to end the dispute.

Balpa Secretary-General Brian Strutton said, "Someone must take the initiative to resolve this dispute and with no trace of BA, the pilots have decided to take the responsible course."

"In a real attempt, one To put off time for common sense to prevail, we lifted the threat of the strike on September 27. "19659005] However, Balpa claimed to retain the right to announce further strike dates.

What is it about?

BA offered the pilot a 11.5% salary increase over three years in July, but it was rejected.

Balpa said his members had made lower salary increases and made harder casualties for the airline.

19659005] Now financial performance has improved – parent company IAG reported a 9% increase in profits last year – pilots should benefit [19659005] BA said the offer of 11.5% w as "fair and generous".

It has already been accepted by Unite and the GMB, whose members include the BA's cabin crew, ground crew and engineers.

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