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Britney Spears never returns, says manager Larry Rudolph

Britney Spears

Manager Larry Rudolph says …

She never returns

15.05.2013 01:00 PDT


Britney Spears is not returning to Vegas for another residence … not in the near future, and maybe never, TMZ has learned.

Our sources tell us that Britney is not in his mind or physical condition to resume rehearsals for the series of shows scheduled to begin in February.

Britney's longtime manager, Larry Rudolph tells TMZ, "As the person who guides her career ̵

1; based on the information I and all the professionals who work with her, she receives information about a need to know basis – from what I have gathered, I realize that she should not reside in Vegas in the near future and possibly never again. "

Rudolph is not involved in Britneys Conservatory – it has never been – and it only receives medical information that directly affects Britney's career. He says Britney had two-thirds of the rehearsals for the reboot when her father fell ill at the end of last year .

As Rudolph put it: "It was the perfect storm, we had to end her show because her medication stopped working and she was disturbed by her father's illness." The residence, which was due to start on the 13th of February, was put on ice.

Rudolph relates that it was always up to Britney when she wanted to work and when not. He said, "Last summer, when she wanted to go on tour, she called me every day, she was upset, she has not called me in months, barbecues, she clearly does not want to appear anymore." The future, says Rudolph, "I do not want her to work again until she is ready, physically, mentally and passionately, if this time never comes again, it will never come back, I have no desire or ability to make her work again I'm just there for her if she wants to work, and if she ever wants to work again, I'm here to tell her if it's a good idea or a bad one. "

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