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Britney Spears talks about mental health treatment, assures fans that she's okay

Britney Spears

talks about her mental health …

I'll be fine !!!

Britney Spears just posted a video – the first time we've heard she's been speaking for mental health problems since she was treated – and she wants her fans to know she'll be back in action soon.

Spears went on Instagram on Tuesday to send the short clip that informs her about her health and saying her family is undergoing serious "stress." 19459004

The singer says she has a lot to do with "stress and anxiety" and she just needed some time for herself.

She also released a long title and said, "Wow, there are rumors, death threats for my family and my team, and so many crazy things are being said, I'm trying to take a moment, but all, What happens makes it harder for me, do not believe everything you read and hear. "

She concluded The message is," My situation is unique, but I promise I'm doing the best right now, you know This may not be about me, but I am strong and stand for what I want! Their love and dedication are amazing, but what I need now is some privacy to cope with all the hard things that life does If you could do that, I'd be forever grateful I love you. "

TMZ broke the story, Spears packed into a psychiatric ward for nearly a month after her father recovered his health tszustand had put pressure on and a new mixture of drugs demanded a tribute The singer.

We had Britney's friend, Sam Asghari on Tuesday in Los Angeles and he gave a positive update about her condition, saying she was doing "amazing" Sam It's strongly hinted It is time for the fans to claim that they are exploited or held against their will because there is "nothing to worry about".

and her medicine triggered the crisis . We are told that the doctors corrected Britney's medical cocktail. But in fact, it's a trial and error process to find the right mix, and as she deals with these changes, she also had to deal with her father's recent illness. [1

9659008] As we have reported, Britney received a day pass from the psychiatric ward on Easter Sunday, and she spent her spare time hanging out with Sam in Beverly Hills.

If the fans did not believe her boyfriend when he said that Britney would be back soon, they'll hear it directly from her now.

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