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Brittany Banks reveals how she really feels about living in Jordan

90 days fiance: the other way Star Brittany Banks moved to Jordan to start her life with her fiance Yazan. So far, sailing has not been smooth, also due to their cultural differences.

Brittany and Yazan
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Brittany and Yazan’s argument at the airport

Almost immediately after Brittany arrived in Jordan, she and Yazan got into an argument over Brittany hugging some of them 90 days fiance Crew members and alcohol in their pockets, two things Yazan says he asked them not to do. Despite what he said on camera, Brittany said Yazan never told her not to hug the crew or bring alcohol.

“Seeing Yazan screaming at me like that was super terrible. I don’t like people yelling at me, especially not a grown man. It’s not cute for me, ”she told Entertainment Tonight on June 24.

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Although Brittany found Yazan’s behavior “horrible,” she didn’t find it shocking and knew the outbreak was atypical.

“This behavior at that moment was shocking, but after dealing with my ex and, you know, I mostly grew up in Palm Beach, but I’m from 79th Street in Chicago, so I’m not too scared,” She said, “He’s usually very calm and very cute and very understanding, so I thought, ‘You have to take a nap or something.'”

Brittany about life in Jordan with Yazan

Brittany’s time in Jordan might have had a rocky start, but so far she has told ET that she loves Jordan.

“Jordan is incredible,” she said. “I like the people, I like the culture. I like the different things it has to offer, the natural beauty, the deserts and all that stuff, ”she said.

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The rapper went on to say that the country was different than she originally imagined.

“When I left, I said, ‘Wow, that’s so different from what you’d expect on the news or anything.’ They’re trying to make it look so bad and dirty, but it’s not, ”she said.

How Brittany feels about Yazan’s parents

Brittany also loves Yazan’s parents (though she hinted in the interview that there will be more family drama over the course of the season). And she understands where they come from.

“I love Yazan’s parents. I don’t know exactly where his parents are. I cannot speak for them and I will not speak for them, but I will say that I love them and I think they will do their best to deal with the situations related to their experiences and lifestyle ”, she said .

“I think they’re just doing the best they can and I don’t blame them and that’s their son, 100 percent, so that’s their baby and I understand all of it,” continued Brittany.

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