Steve Blass, longtime Pittsburgh Pirates broadcaster, silently criticized Atlanta Braves outfielder Ronald Acuna Jr. for wearing jewelry.

Blass's comments came immediately after Acuna, a 21-year-old Venezuelan who won last year The NL Rookie of the Year award was hit in the fourth inning by a 2-2 draw. Pale implied in the air that Acuna had been intentionally hit by a bad luck because he had "worn gold chains" back then.

"With a young player doing all that stuff and all the jewelry, all that stuff," said Blass. "I did not say it was right or wrong in the past …"

"Or that was deliberately done," interjected play-by-play broadcaster Greg Brown. "Hard to believe it was deliberately made on a 2-2 field."

"No, I do not suggest that," continued Blass. "That's why I qualified it (at that time)."

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The pirate television program then showed a repeat of the field, and Acuna glanced up at the hill.

"Rest," Blass said. Give me a break.

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