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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Recap: Season 6 Episode 12 – Jake & Amy Casecation

Brooklyn Nine-Nine treated the fans on Thursday with a very special – and sometimes very serious – episode that marked a watershed in Peraltiago.

In the episode, Jake and Amy celebrated their one-year anniversary at the hospital while watching over a cameraman gangster named Rojas. It was Jake who came up with the idea to turn the possibly modest task for him and his newly-reworked wife into a "case study" that was ready to go after Capt. Holt to stay.

With Charles's help, Jake transformed the patient's room into a Parisian experience with lights, an Eiffel Tower statue, and a selection of inexpensive Cheddars. When the couple began a countdown to their favorite moments from the first year of marriage, Pam (played by SNL veterinarian Julia Sweeney) stepped next door and noticed that Jake and Amy were making beautiful hybrids. Breed babies. Amy responded by saying that they are not quite there yet but plans to start a family soon, which surprised Jake.

As we'll soon find out, Jake and Amy have never considered having children before they were caught up. While Amy has always wanted to be a mother, Jake has never thought much about becoming a dad. There followed a structured debate between husband and wife under the chairmanship of licensed debate moderator Capt. Holt, in which Jake cited his well-established daddy problems as a reason not to start a family. He said both he and Amy are dedicated to their careers, and none of them should have to sacrifice that to stay home with a baby. After reminding Amy that she had been looking for a lieutenant transfer to have more flexible working hours, Holt gave his moderating duties to Kevin (who joined by voice), mentioning a potential conflict of interest. Kevin then gave up his duties to the vice president of debut host club Gail, pointing out his own potential conflict, as husband Holt is something of a father figure to Peralta.

After Holt had stopped, Jake and Amy continued conversing privately. Amy apologized for having insisted on a debate, but refused to stop this particular discussion, even though Jake's desire was to change the subject. She told him that he could spend a day, a week, or even a month to think about it, but she would not wait two years to find out that he would never change his mind about having children. At this point, Terry and Rosa talked about important police matters after they had just been informed that the murderer of Rojas was on his way to finish the job. Jake and Terry stayed behind to make sure Rojas was safe, which allowed the sergeant to stop Jake from starting a family unless he was definitely ready. In the meantime, Amy and Rosa ventured to the nurses' station to look for suspicious visitors, where Rosa Amy said she definitely should have children. (She even offered to harass Jake to change his mind!)

  Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 6 Episode 12 Julia Sweeney A moment later, a suspicious-looking man left the elevator and tried to get to Rojas, but was finally passed by Rosa. Shortly after Jake and Terry arrived at the door, believing the killer had been arrested, Jake put two and two together, noting that the man was a decoy. Armed, he ran back to Rojas' room, where he found no other than Pam (!) With a bomb (!!) in his hand over the gangster horse. She told Jake that a guy from Antonio Banderas had offered to give her $ 500,000 to blow up the bomb she was about to hand over to her beloved son and grandchild. Jake managed to discuss Pam with him by promising that she would be sent to a prison with countless arts and crafts, and called the bomb squad to fetch the homemade explosive device.

After that, Jake was reunited with Amy at the Nurses & # 39; Railway station. There he told her there was a second bomb on the ground: her butt. Her butt was the other bomb, he said, returning to her marriage vows. Amy then told Jake that she had requested leave next week so she could actually go on vacation to the water park of his dreams. Meanwhile, Jake let Amy know that while he was still afraid, he would like to start a family someday – just not right now. Amy agreed and said they would revisit the conversation when they were both ready.

What do you think about this Jake- and Amy-centered episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine ? ? Are you keeping your fingers crossed for a Peraltiago baby, or are you hoping that The Powers That Be will be able to reverse this development for a final finale, not to match the current dynamics in the area? Drop your thoughts in a comment below.

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