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Brown can be an eternal raider

PHOENIX – Certainly Jon Gruden is aware of the alleged baggage that Antonio Brown brings with him following his unusual departure from the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But the Oakland Raiders bus insists it's a controversial point

"I have no problem with it," Gruden said Tuesday during the coaching breakfast at NFL owners' meetings. To get Antonio Brown, I would go to Pittsburgh to get him, I have no problem with an aspect of Antonio Brown, I do not know who does it, or why they would do it. " 19659002] Well …

Until the last two months of Brown's nine-year tenure in Pittsburgh, he had been regarded as a model mate. Then, however, there was an infighting of the dressing rooms and an obvious feud with Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, as Brown did not appear to work in the last week.

Brown demanded a trade and seemed to go to the Buffalo Bills before the deal broke up and the deal fell. Raiders stepped in and made Brown the highest-paid recipient in the league's history as Brown overhauled a revised deal over three years guaranteed $ 30.1

25 million.

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When introducing him to the media conference, Brown mentioned Gruden as a father figure.

"Some trainers, they do not need to know your family, it could all be business related," Brown told ESPN that day. "With Mr. Gruden, who knew my family, embraced my family, it made the transition easier and more comfortable for my family.This is the kind of people you want to work and play for – people who embrace your family Make you a family and make your family your family.

"If I know your family and you know my family, there is always more responsibility to do your best. And more of a responsibility. I'm just excited to be here. Thank you, Mr Gruden, for giving me the opportunity. I'm excited about the process when Oakland Raider will be here in Oakland last year. To know that I have a role in this team. I try to put a stamp here. And make the fans excited.

Many Raiders fans fear that Brown, who had an NFL record in at least 100 catches in six seasons, is more Randy Moss than Jerry Rice when it comes to joining Oakland.

Gruden sees Rice and wants to bring them together.

"He plays his best football in big games," said Gruden von Brown. "On our last visit to Oakland, we had Jerry Rice and Tim Brown on the same team. It was much fun. I'm really excited to train Antonio Brown. It's a big responsibility that I do not take lightly.

"The excitement of the man he plays is different from most of the guys I met when I sat down with him, I did not want him to leave …" I like guys who have a double header Brown would like to work out for two days, as in the past, he would like to run with Jerry Rice on this hill, I promise you this hill with him. Could beat him up the hill. I'll try to deal with that – I'll try to get Rice and Antonio Brown to handle this hill.

Brown has long been considered one of the toughest workers in the Not only in games.

His training schedule is often mentioned alongside his career line of 837 catches for 11,207 yards and 74 touchdowns, so Gruden, who has a conservative offense, expects Brown's expansion of his playbook.

"Really, watching Antonio play a lot of his production was scrambling," Gruden said, "and hopefully we can get Derek (Carr) to do more on his own. Maybe a bit better protection. Maybe he can take more time and let Antonio go over, go over there and go there and go there and make a play or two.

"I love the guys who bring it every day … it will challenge anyone, including me."

The Raiders have a long and eventful history in giving second chance to so-called problem gamers. Gruden said Brown could be "one of the great raiders of all time," if it works.

"It's exactly what I'm looking for," Gruden said, "The Raiders needed him, I think he needed the Raiders, I think it's a great combination, he has a chance to express himself, he has a chance He really does, he has the chance to really carve his niche and become a leader, all he wants to do as a raider.

"I do not know how it was handled (in Pittsburgh). All I know is Antonio and me. I have to earn his trust, we have to work on our relationship. It starts right away. I am glad that I can help him to continue his career on a high level. That's all I'll say. "

Gruden had said a lot.

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