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BTS admit their new album is “a little different” from “Dynamit”

BTS had an uplifting, disco-influenced sound agenda with their English-language single “Dynamite,” but the K-pop group’s backing album will turn in a different direction.

In connection with their appearance at the iHeartRadio Music Festival 2020 RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V.,and Jungkook sat down for an interview with KIIS FM’s JoJo Wright from Korea and revealed that their upcoming LP is still in progress. “It’s going to be a little different from the single, so stay tuned,” RM admitted that the project should end before the end of the year. It will serve as a follow-up to July Map of the soul: 7 ̵

1; The journey.

While “Dynamite” exploded at the top of the Billboard Hot 100, the septet admitted that the year ended up not being entirely positive. “2020 has been a pretty difficult year for so many people, including us, JoJo. Many people,” admitted RM before admitting that the darkness of the pandemic caused the group to create ‘dynamite’ in the first place desperate to be honest, so we needed a break from that and focus on what we do best and it was music and performance. We thought the world needed some simple, positive energy to vibrate, so we gave it some momentum. “

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