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BTS, the kings of K-Pop

Calling the musicians known as BTS "Superstars" seems an understatement. Their arena shows in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles were all sold out. You have more than 19 million Twitter followers. They have surpassed the Billboard record charts. and time simply put her on her most influential list of people.

And yet these phenomena may not be familiar. So meet BTS (which stands for "Beyond the Scene"). They are pop stars from South Korea, kings of a world known as "Korean pop" – K-pop. And it's an industry worth $ 5 billion.

The K-pop band BTS, a music phenomenon that reaches far beyond South Korea.

CBS News

Remember the Backstreet Boys? This boy band provided the soundtrack for much of the nineties in America, along with groups like NSYNC. At about the same time, thousands of miles away, K-Pop helped put Seoul on the pop music card. But now BTS, whose debut album debuted in 2013, has gone beyond the scene in Seoul and is coming ashore in America, big time.

That their upcoming US tour is one of the hottest tickets in the world is even more remarkable, considering that most of their songs are not in English .

To see how BTS "Boy With Luv (feat. Halsey)" Click on the video player below:

BTS (방탄 소년단) & # 39; 작은 것들을 위한 시 (Boy with Luv) feat , Halsey & # 39; Official MV of
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His members, aged between 21 and 26, go by their nicknames: Jung Kook, Jin, Jimin, Suga, V., J-Hope, and RM.

Correspondent Seth Doane, who caught up with the band In her studio in Seoul, he asked, "How did you learn English?"

"I love hip-hop," said RM, who was first signed, and often reckons with the highest billing as a fluent English speaker. "I love the pop music and I love the" friends "Yes, the TV show My mother bought the complete series I've looked at it several times I just want to talk and hear and understand musicians in America I just want to Not long ago, the BTS guys revered the stars they mingled with at this year's Grammys, RM said, "I suddenly think like I'm really here? "

They were the first Korean pop band to showcase at the Grammys after their fans started a social media campaign, and at the awards ceremony, RM said," Thanks to all the fans who have made this dream come true. And we'll be back! "

Doane asked," What does it take to be back? "

" We have to practice the same choreography as we do over and over several hours a day, "RM replied Have to keep the promise. "

Has anyone said" choreography? "Everything BTS does is meticulously choreographed … including the arrival to rehearsal that day in five separate cars, we can not tell you exactly where they rehearsed Over-enthusiastic fans pose a constant security risk.

Doane asked, "Can you describe this enthusiasm?"

"I am amazed," said J-Hope, "to receive all this love." [19659002] Jimin Said: "I think we could quickly deal with our fans by sincerely expressing our feelings. We try to share our feelings with our fans. "

  k-pop-boy-band-bts-interview- 620.jpg
Members of the K-pop sensation BTS.

CBS News

And these fans believe that BTS really understands and supports them. One fan, Alice Meune, told Doane, "They are not just a band, they are a support, they are inspiring and have really helped me in the past."

In what way? "To love about myself."

Whenever the BTS starts a performance, Jung Kook told us, "I'll get my earphones out and listen to the yelling and screaming, which will fill me with energy."

And BTS Fans (ARMY) are not only thrilled, they are avid consumers.

That's why the guys decorate the sides of the beverage cans and even worked with artists who designed their stuffed animal egos

K-pop is one such phenomenon that fans of the Seoul subway system will even pay for attaching huge signs to the birthday of their favorite K-pop star, these oversized posters are as close as many will come.

A BTS fanatic comes near with a subway poster featuring J-Hope.

CBS News

Here we should mention that the guys have released a new album and that "Sunday Morning" was the first American network television program to give this access behind the scenes.

BTS rehearses the choreography of "Boy With Luv"

And if you're wondering what's going on with face masks, the constant air pollution in much of South Korea makes the masks far more than just a fashion statement.

BTS boys consider themselves a family. They trained, composed music and grew up together – and yes, they all live in the same house.

"At first we were like," Why do we have to live together? "Explained Suga." But at some point we realized that this is really valuable. And we really got grateful. "

V said to Doane," I think those are the people who know me best. We know each other better or more than our families know us.

But they can retreat to their own private rooms, RM showed Doane his studio and the toys he loves.

"Do you spend time composing here and thinking of the next song?" Doane asked [19659002"Yesandwritelyrics"hesaid"andsometimesshoppingyouknowE-bay"

"So it's not always like that?"

"No, no, no!" He laughed

It can only be guessed at how long this will take, but it says: Compulsory military service is compulsory in South Korea, and there is only enough time for the band members to delay serving. "As a Korean, of course," Jin said, "And one day, when the ministry calls, we will be ready to answer and do our very best."

Doane asked, "Are you afraid of breaking up, separating, and going different ways?"

"I do not want to think about it at this point," said Jung Kook. "We have something Good news in progress. "

RM added," That's the answer. We just enjoy the ride, live in the moment, and that's all we can do. "

Now this ride takes them back to America, where, among other things, they wait for them, is a line of Mattel BTS dolls, The creators of Barbie: Twenty dollars per (K) pop.

<img src = "https://cbsnews1.cbsistatic.com/hub/i/r/2019/04/21/a573061a-74d7-4f94- b8a9-90dc37d23ce0 / thumbnail / 620×350 / b97bb0ddde8eef99832fceb1f8cbaceb / bts-mattel-dolls-620.jpg "height =" 350 "width =" 620 "class =" lazyload "data -srcset = "https://cbsnews1.cbsistatic.com/hub/i/r/2019 / 04/21 / a573061a-74d7-4f94-b8a9-90dc37d23ce0 / thumbnail / 620×350 / b97bb0ddded99832fceb1f8cbaceb / bts-mattel-dolls-620. 1x, https: //cbsnews2.cbsnews2.cbsnews2. 04/21 / a573061a-74d7-4f94-b8a9-90dc37d23ce0 / thumbnail / 1240×700 / 6217296c8b20e75fe6b2a223fcc3bbca / bts-mattel-dolls-620.jpg 2x "srcset ="% 3A% 2F% 2Fwww.w3.org% 2F2000% 2Fsvg & # 39;% 20viewBox% 3D & # 39; 0% 200% 20620% 20350 & # 39;% 2F% 3E "
BTS dolls.


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