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Buckeyes adds Elite Recipient Fleming for 2020

Widely-acclaimed Julian Fleming, No. 4 recruit, has dedicated himself to the state of Ohio. Fleming, the top recipient of the 2020 class, chose the Buckeyes ahead of Alabama, Clemson, Georgia and Penn State, and is the second five-star recipient to join Ohio State this cycle.

I went to Penn State, then thought for a while that I was going to Clemson, and then I finally settled down and found out, "Fleming said." It just felt like home, and their players. [Ohio State] put their players first and during all my visits there I had countless hours with all players, so I immediately got the college spirit. "

Recruitment went back and forth, and many believed for some time So much so that Fleming was recruited by the current Clemson commits and had to pass on the message to his colleagues that he would not go to college with them.

"I will not lie 'I'm still in their group talk,' Fleming said. "They all hired me very hard, but they understood and respected my decision, and when I told them that I would not go to Clemson they all said good luck, I talk to DJ all the time [Uiagalelei] and he is one of These kind-hearted people who simply said, "You'll do it wherever you go," that was a cool thing. "

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Fleming, a 6-foot-2, 200-pound wide receiver of At the Southern Columbia Area High School in Catawissa, Pennsylvania, the five-star offensive against Paris Johnson Jr. joins the class. Remarkably, the state of Ohio has received at least a five-star commitment from 2012 in each of its classes.

This is the sixth five-star commitment for the Buckeyes as of 2017, and Fleming now adds another elite-level receiver for the future offense.

Ryan Day and his associates signed Garrett Wilson, the second-rate recipient; Ronnie Hickman, recipient No. 15; and Jameson Williams, the # 15 in 2019 class, and now have the highest-placed recipient in 2020. Add this to the product that's already on the field, and saw Ohio State's success on the offensive, and Fleming is pleased to be involved and see success itself. "

" Ohio State's offense last year clicked, it was definitely a big influence, "said Fleming. "They were passing number one all year, just in. Justin Fields comes in and there are some people who will be there for a while."

Outside the offense, Fleming was heavily influenced by the off-field programs Ohio has set up a program for its players to specifically support them after football.

Buckeyes' Art Director, Designer, and Brander, Samuel Silverman, has developed a program called Brand U to keep the players in step Step by step, through a brand exercise, helping them develop their own brand, the program can last four years in which the player is on campus, and even into the post-college era No matter what area you decide on, the Brand U thing was really cool and I really like their real Wednesdays, where there are speakers every week, "said Fl eming. "They also have one of the widest in their internship program, which their players can send worldwide. Just to have a chance outside of football, these are two things that caught my eye outside of football.

The Buckeyes are helping their players off the field, but they are helping out on the field by adding Fleming. This pledge gives the state of Ohio seven pledges worth 300 ESPN and four prospects in the top three spots. 19659002] Fleming is a prospect who could come in and play right away, but he hopes this is the result, ready to wait for an opportunity and to be on the ball.

"I'll definitely try it right away because they only have a few solidified sites, "Fleming said." They've lost three recipients this year; You will probably lose one or two next year. I hope I can get an immediate effect, that's always the goal, but if anything happens, I'll just try to work my way up. "

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