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Bucks Vs. Celtics 2018 Live Results: Get Updates and Highlights from Game 2

. 2 Quarter, 6:39 – Celtics 42, Bucks 35

Welp, that did not last long. Boston is elastic and retired after Milwaukee tied it. Timeout, Bucks. This is probably a good sign, considering:

Yes, Shabazz Muhammad still plays basketball, and yes, he only met the three to tie her at 35.

Giannis Legit, who had just entered the Euro class through Shane Larkin, got the foul and a body twisting layup. At the next possession, he again walked through Larkin and fetched a basket. Timeout Boston

End of Q1
: Celtics 33, Bucks 22

We just let Al Horford do what he wants, right?

Jaylen Brown has just gone from coast to coast and has thrown her over Tyler Zeller

The Bucks and Celtics are giving a hint for Game 2 ET at 20 o'clock in TNT Tuesday night, following perhaps the most exciting Game 1 of the Playoffs. On Sunday afternoon in Boston, there were three games in the last 10 seconds that were about games or game continuations, which eventually led to overtime. The Celtics came with the win, 113-107.

Malcom Brogdon dumped a three to tie things up with 10 ticks, and that was just the beginning of madness. It was Terry Rozier who then offered a series of dribbling moves to defeat Eric Bledsoe and take a step back to what many thought was the game-winning three-point shot with .5 seconds.

Nope. 19659012] A 36-foot lift by Khris Middleton paved the score at 99 before the Bucks fell in overtime.

The Celtics are in a real series with Milwaukee, as Gordon Hayward, alongside Kyrie Irving, will be out of action for the season. Marcus Smart also maintains a torn tendon in his thumb. This is Giannis Antetokounmpo and Milwaukee's chance to make the screenplay a not-so-overwhelming regular season.

Anteotkounmpo had 35 points on 21 strikes in Game 1, along with Middleton 31 on 20, but it was not enough. The Bucks will look for a better production of Bledsoe, which ended with nine points with 12 shots and five turnovers.

Celtics vs. Bucks Game 2

Date: April 17

Where: TD Garden

When: 20:00 ET

Television: TNT

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