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Bucks Vs. Raptors Game 3, points to go: Kawhi Leonard, Toronto defend Milwaukee for the decisive double victory in extra time

Game 3 of the Eastern Conference finale may not have been the finest basketball game we've seen in the playoffs, but it was certainly one of the most dramatic. After more than three hours, the Toronto Raptors were able to save with a 118: 112 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks in double extension. The series is now 2-1 in favor of Milwaukee.

Shots, turnovers and fouls were the main story throughout the game as both teams did not play very well. However, the Raptors played a little better and built a double-digit lead that they had into the early part of the third quarter into it. But Toronto never seemed to have full control of the action, and since they could not retire, Milwaukee began working back into the game.

Towards the end of the fourth quarter, Khris Middleton entered the game due to a major setback of his own failure to tie the game and send it into overtime. At the end of this extra frame, George Hill hit two free throws to tie it again, and after Kawhi Leonard missed a potential game winner, overtime doubled. Giannis Antetokounmpo got dirty at the beginning of the game and it went downhill fast for the bucks. They could not figure out what to expect on offense, and the Raptors stuck to the decisive victory.

Leonard was immense for the Raptors, scoring 36 points and playing 52 of 58 minutes. His Steal and Dunk to put the Raptors in the second extra time with less than two minutes to three, was particularly large. On the Bucks side, the Greek freak battled his way to a 5 by 1

6 performance and was held at only 12 points, his lowest performance in the postseason.

Here are a few snacks from Game 3:

Kawhi wants Raptors to win

The Raptors received some nice performances from their supporting actors, but it was Kawhi Leonard – and nobody else – who wanted them to play this game Victory. He scored 36 points – eight in the second extra stretch alone – and led Toronto to his first victory in the series, despite the fact that both Kyle Lowry and Norman Powell had committed fouls during the regulation.

Powell contributed with 19 points to 7: 0. of-13 shoot out of the field before leaving the game with 1:06 in the fourth quarter. And, as inconsistent as Lowry was in the playoffs, he finished the game with a leading plus / minus rating of +15.

Leonard was present in the final minutes of the fourth and both hours of overtime to score all the important hits – as a senior man should.

It was Kawhi's fourth consecutive game of at least 30 points and the former MVP final is the reason the Raptors still breathe in this series.

Giannis struggles to still barely lose Bucks

If there was a positive sign that Gianni's antetokounmpo had his worst outing in the series – and the worst offensive of his postseason 2019 – and Milwaukee's game nevertheless forced double overtime on the Street.

The NBA's potential MVP scored only 12 points in 5-of-16 shooting, while beating it off with 0-3 against the bow and 2 from 7 from the free throw line. As he completed 23 rebounds in his career, his influence on the game was minimal and the Raptors repeatedly forced him out of his comfort zone, leaving him no room to fire near the rim.

The Raptors should feel good about themselves, considering that they have been able to completely negate the "Greek Freak" in a game that you absolutely must win.

At the same time, however, they should not feel too good, considering that they have closed Giannis – and still only won with only six points in double extension .

Corrupted Troubles determine the outcome of Game 3. Although Lowry's and Powell's losses were huge, none was greater than when Antetokounmpo had committed his sixth foul he tried to charge Pascal Siakam in just 36 seconds in the second extra time.

Despite Giannis 'difficulty in shooting the ball, b Entering the game significantly eases the bucks' attack. Without him, Milwaukee does not seem to know what to do if the opposing defense fades.

The Raptors promptly outperformed the Bucks 15-9 for the remainder of the second extension. Milwaukee suffered a terrible offensive following Giannis' foul and had to rely on Brook Lopez as the main attack option with George Hill as the first handler.

On the other side of the square was Kawhi, who took over the Raptors.

Put simply, after Giannis fouled, did you know that the game was over for the dollar? If you consider six fouls, the league may need to change this rule for the postseason if a game goes into extra time.

Games should not be decided by a star player who is fouled by six fouls after six game quarters.

Summarize the entire action of Game 3:

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