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Bugatti Chiron reaches 304 MPH and becomes the world's fastest car • Gear Patrol

304 miles per hour are fast by almost all traditional human standards. This corresponds to 40% of the speed of sound at sea level. It is eleven times faster than the fastest man in the world, almost seven times faster than the fastest horse and 3.57 times faster than the highest speed limit in the US. This last value is of particular relevance because it shows how incredibly fast the Bugatti Chiron, which reached only 304 miles per hour in the track test, is in practice. This number is enough to make the Chiron shown here the fastest production car in the world.


Video: The Bugatti Chiron reaches a top speed of 304 MPH on the German Ehra-Lessien racetrack on August 2 is not exactly like the Chirons that you can buy today over duPont Registry if you have a few Have millions in cash. An additional safety cell and six-point belts were installed to make the test driver (and Le Mans champion and former world record holder in the McLaren F1
) Andy Wallace as safe as possible during the high-speed explosion. The Michelin tires were strengthened to withstand the extreme loads. and according to Autocar the aerodynamics and design changed, a higher upper gearwheel was installed and the quad-turbo W16 increased from 1,479 hp to 1,578.

All this begs the question: Is this Bugatti Chiron a production car?

Bugatti, for what it pays, is cautious of its claims, describing the record car as a "close-to-production" model and "pre-production vehicle" of a Bugatti-Chiron derivative, "no stock car. Yet, this prototype status does not prevent the carmaker from promoting the car as "the first hyperspace breaking the magical 300-mile-per-hour frontier."

The handful of 0.001 percent who have undoubtedly reserved their Chiron Super Sports (or whatever the production version of this car will ultimately be) will of course make no difference. You will never reach nearly 300 miles per hour. They'll just be glad to know that they could theoretically stumble across Monaco and listen to the gears they call. But this star also means that companies like Koenigsegg, SSC, and other supercar / hypercar manufacturers looking for speed records can continue claiming that cars are the true speed record for production cars – and that the endless bar stool debate about which car is the fastest in the world will continue as long as beer is drunk.

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