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Buick runs out of cars and can get to China for new models: Report

Photo: Bradley Brownell

Following yesterday's confirmation that Opel's Buick Cascada would cease production, and the facility producing the LaCrosse estate, Buick is only available to the Opel-based Regal and three Crossovers to fill the salesrooms of the dealers. While sedans do not just balance the pedestrian traffic to the dealerships, they are a kind of Buicks bread and butter. To have quasi-lux limousines in full size is a travesty and a first for the brand. In order to quickly fill these empty spaces in the lineup, Buick may need to get to his Chinese lineup, says Automotive News .

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While the Enclave, Envision and Encore accounted for more than 80% of Buick's revenue in 2018, and the lion's share of it is the compact South Korean import Encore There is still room for Buick to devote himself at least to the limousine market.

Buick relies on imports from Opel for several years. This relationship is essentially offset as GM has sold its stake in the German brand to the PSA Group. It would be difficult for Buick to develop a new platform in time, and it would make sense for some of these China-built, all-Asian models to enter the US market in no time. Buick already buys Envision from SAIC GM's Dong Yue Foundry in Yantai, Shandong.

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"Buick is a big, big player in China. There is no doubt that this will be true for a long time, "said Phil Brook, vice president of Buick and GMC Marketing, to Automotive News during a recent interview in Detroit last month. Buick has the opportunity to introduce models for the Chinese and North American markets.

As the Chinese market introduces new legislation to contract EVs of all brands sold in the country, Buick will be working on an electric model for the Chinese market, where it sells most of its cars. This could be an example of the synergy between Buick NA and Buick Asia. If GM plans to launch 20 zero emissions models over the next four years, Buick will certainly get one of those cars, and China is likely to be included in the plan.

Obviously, car rates on Chinese imports may force Buick's hand on this matter, so for now, everything is in flux for the brand.

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