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Build your own Prime Day gaming PC for under $ 700

There is a tradition at PC Gamer where we try to make as little as possible a great gaming PC on every Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday. This year, component offerings are quite extensive, and the arrival of new AMD CPUs and GPUs has undoubtedly helped lower prices for existing parts. Just because parts are now "heavy" does not mean that they are slow.

When I looked around for the best deals on all the parts needed for a new PC, it was immediately clear: Although this is the Amazon Prime Day (which takes two days, because who needs re-tightening?), It is For computer components often better to shop elsewhere. The best deals I did not get on Amazon on Prime Day made me do that, and I ended up at Newegg to get the full set of components (but not the accessories below). You can also exchange parts if you find better prices. Here's what I thought of:

Total: $ 664.40

If you add everything together, you can create a gaming PC running the latest high-frame-rate games for under $ 700 become. What if you need a mouse, a keyboard and a monitor? I also have some suggestions there:

Total: $ 959.39

And there you have it: a full game PC, including everything you need (outside of software) to To be up to date and running the latest and greatest games, all under one big one. You can certainly limit things even further ̵

1; the keyboard may be a bit extravagant if you're trying to save money, even though I'd definitely spend that extra on a good board for my money.

How does this DIY PC work? Build compared to some other pre-made deals on Prime Day? It's either cheaper or faster, depending on your point of comparison. The best match was achieved by CyberPowerPC, which cost $ 1,199 without a monitor, keyboard or mouse before it sold out. However, it included a faster RTX 2070 and a Ryzen 7 2700 (approximately) $ 200 extra if you want them in this DIY build). Otherwise, you save almost $ 400 compared to regular list prices and at least $ 200 compared to typical street prices. Plus, you have the added joy of putting it all together and making it your own.

Most of these deals are still valid for at least a day, but do not be surprised if prices rise by a total of 10 to 25 percent by the end of the week.

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