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Bully Hunter's anti-harassment campaign is closed as criticism grows

Bully Hunters was unveiled last week as a program to combat harassment and abuse of women in online games, a rewarding idea that frowned on their methods. It was referred to as a "vigilante in-game hit troupe" made up of elite women's players who would "defeat thugs in their own game." In essence, players who encountered abuse in CS: GO were encouraged to contact the Bully Hunters, who would then send one of their players to "infiltrate" the game and do justice by a righteous ass kick.

Noble target, dubious process, and it is not surprising that everything went as wrong as possible. Following allegations of poisonous behavior by Bully Hunters members themselves and the resurgence of tweets by representative streamer Natalie " Zombi Einicorn " Casanova's homophobic and offensive language, sponsors and supporters quickly pulled the Bully Hunters website and social media sites went dark, and today the company behind the plug on the whole thing.

"We are aware of the many mistakes with BullyHunters, we listen to you and we agree."


1; Steelseries Statement

"BullyHunters have incited us with a simple idea – we work together to fight online harassment and because we believe it's a noble thing, we've supported it" In a statement, he announced the end of his partnership with the group the day after the launch. Englisch: www.cosmetic-business.com/en/showar…p?art_id=844. "It's clear now that we did not do a good job of understanding exactly what we support, and we're sorry."

Vertagear made a similar statement on April 14 saying that anti-cyberbullying efforts are a good thing and she hoped to raise awareness of the problem and grow a less toxic gaming environment for everyone promote.

"The information we received before the campaign started did not just contradict the execution, we found it was very much missing," Vertagear wrote. "Our biggest mistake was not thoroughly reviewing the details of the campaign to make sure that the execution met the expected standards, and we apologize for that and the appalling results of this event."

The Diverse Gaming Coalition also weighed in and named Casanova's Twitter story as particularly problematic. Previously she had used something in tweets that could be called "combative". A clip of her with a homophobic bow during a livestream was also shared on Twitter.

"Various tweets show hostile misconduct, Zombi Unicorn, actions that Various Gaming Coalition does not approve of, although it was not solely responsible for the Bully Hunters initiative as a whole," wrote the Diverse Gaming Coalition. And while it was under the impression that the Bully Hunters would continue, "this does not fit with our mission and vision as a non-profit, so we are now choosing to partner with the Bully Hunters Initiative."

Casanova She said in a statement that she said she would "drop out of the project due to the overwhelming amount of harassment, toxicity, hatred and threats".

She also suggested that she, too, was misled by the campaign, especially with regard to the statistics on abuse she quotes. "Projections are based on estimates of the market size of 32.7 million female console players in the US by YouGov, and 9.6 percent said they are permanently stopping a certain game due to harassment, as reported by the International Business Times,"

"These statistics were extrapolated from Bully Hunters to express that sexual harassment has discriminated against more women in this way." I used these statistics from their posts and I was told that the sources were on I feel qualified enough to discuss them in detail, so I've noticed that the licensed psychologist and the guests are discussing it. "

The cumulative effect of the damage was just too much to overcome and the marketing agency FCB Chicago, who started the program, told Polygon that it's over.

"As these efforts failed to meet our high standards, we have decided to end this program, but we hope to continue the talks on ending harassment in gaming," said Chief Communications Officer Brandon Cooke. He added that other participating organizations did not provide financial support or sponsorship.

"In most cases, they just supported it, SteelSeries helped us connect with a few players and provided some headsets for the live event, that's all," he said. "One [host was paid] but not the other."

Despite the outcome and the flood of personal harassment that Casanova suffered as a result, Casanova defended the goals of the project, if not the way they were achieved. "Love it or hate it, it has done its job," she said. "It has attracted a lot of attention, it has opened the discussion to more people, yes, it has brought a lot of trolls, but it has opened the discussion."

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