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Bumble sues Match Group for $ 400 million in damages for the theft of trade secrets

Bumble, the popular dating app, and Match Group, which owns another popular dating app, Tinder, are in the middle of a messy, public divorce – and the two sides have never started marrying.

The Latest: Bumble filed a lawsuit on Wednesday claiming the Match Group, which last year tried to buy Bumble, interfered with its operations and demanded $ 400 million in damages.

Bumble claims the Match Group stole business secrets through "fraudulent" behavior and violated Bumble's chances of selling a stake, or the company as a whole, by filing its own patent infringement lawsuit against Bumble earlier this month. Bumble's lawsuit described Match's lawsuit as "reassuring the market for investing in Bumble".

Bumble's lawsuit also alleges that the Match Group has used its position as a potential buyer to gather Bumble's private business information during due diligence for competitive reasons. The lawsuit claims Match Group offered to buy Bumble for $ 450 million last June, which Bumble calls a "lowball" bid, then failed to make a serious bid even after looking under the hood at Bumble's. s business.

The two sides were still talking about a potential takeover earlier this year, according to several sources, but then Match filed its patent infringement lawsuit this month, Bumble surprised.

"Unwilling to pay fair value to Bumble, Match attempted to poison Bumble in the investment market by claiming fake claims to vilify the Bumble platform," the lawsuit says.

Now Bumble wants $ 400 million.

The game group did not immediately respond to a commentary.

The lawsuit, filed in the US District Court in Dallas County, Texas, is just the latest in an ugly battle between the two dating apps.

Last week, after the Match Group's patent infringement lawsuit, Bumble published a full-page ad in the New York Times, in which Match was called a "mobber." "We will never be yours, regardless of the price, we will never compromise our values," reads the ad.

In addition, Bumble founder and CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd was also a founder of Tinder and had filed a lawsuit for sexual harassment when she left the company in 201


Of course, that's not over yet.

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