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Buttigieg Attacks Fox News Moderators at Fox News City Hall

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9, 00:45 UTC / Updated

by Adam Edelman

Pete Buttigieg used a televised Fox News town hall on Sunday night to blow up two of the network's most prominent presenters.

Buttigieg hit by Democratic Party progressive wing Participation in the Fox News event in Claremont, New Hampshire, directly targeted the network closely watched by President Donald Trump and other conservatives.

"Many people in my party criticized me for doing this, and I understand where That comes from Tucker Carlson, who says immigrants made America dirty, and Laura Ingraham, the detention center compares centers with children in cages to summer camps. Wallace did not respond to Buttigieg's attacks on the two hosts.

Carlson and Ingraham both host primetime shows in Fox News and have sparked controversy with their comments. Carlson said in December that allowing immigrants "makes our own country poor, dirty and divided". Ingraham said in June that the internment camps for immigrant children are "essentially summer camps."

"There is a reason why everyone has to swallow hard and think twice before joining this media ecosystem," said Buttigieg. "But I also believe that although some of these hosts are not always in good faith, I think a lot of people are getting on this network who are doing it in good faith."

"And there are many Americans who can not blame my party for ignoring our message, because they will never hear it unless we talk about it," he continued, adding, "We need people find where they are, and not our changing values, but update our vocabulary so that we can really connect with Americans from coast to coast. "

Buttigieg was well received by the Fox News audience, and his comments resolved repeated enthusiastic applause.

He was criticized by critics Some on the left because they had attended the Town Hall, especially after Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., Had refused an invitation from Fox and said last week that she was a "hard pass "Conducting a network event known as" hating profit "that gives racists and conspirators a megaphone 9659008] Earlier this year, the Democratic National Committee also announced that it is boycotting Fox News as a potential major debate partner.

At City Hall, Buttigieg was asked if Trump's tweets would criticize and belittle him because he looked like the comic character of Mad magazine's Alfred E. Newman.

"The tweets are – I do not care," said Buttigieg, shouting vehement applause.

He added that they are "mesmerizing" and that it is difficult for anyone to look away – me too. "

" It's the nature of grotesque things you can not look the other way, "Buttigieg joked.

His assessment of Trump's social media habits took place a few hours after the president's before the event. to offend the mayor of the Midwest as well as the town hall network.

"Hard to believe @FoxNews wastes airtime for Mayor Pete, as Chris Wallace likes to call him Fox always tries more to pull the Dems to the (wrong) side, "said Trump.

"Chris Wallace said," I actually think, whether you like his opinion or not, Mayor Pete has a lot of substance … fascinating biography. & # 39; Gee, he never speaks well of me – I like Mike Wallace better, "added Trump, referring to the anchor's father."

"And Alfred E. Newman will never be president!" Wrote Trump.

Moments after The Town Hall ended, Fox News veteran Brit Hume struck Trump for "barely" interviews from reporters like Wallace, while Buttigieg was praised for having Chris Wallace, something you have hardly done since your term as president.

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