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Buzz grows Rep. Amash will challenge Trump as Libertarian

There is growing enthusiasm that Rep. Justin Amash Justin AmashHouse Freedom Caucus agrees to sentence Amash's impeachment comments Barr says he works for the protection of the presidency, not for Trump Amash. Storm Meets Capitol Hill MORE (R-Mich.) Will the Republican Party abandon a challenge against President Trump Donald John Trump will record a trade war song in China's viral MORE as a presidential candidate of the Libertarian party ,

Amash, a former attorney elected to Congress for the first time during the Tea Party wave in 2010, has become the first Republican to step into the House of Representatives in support of Trump's impeachment trial for a special adviser Robert Mueller Robert (Bob) Swan MuellerSasse: US should welcome Mueller's election to lead Russia, probably The results of MORE .

Trump and his allies shot back quickly, citing Amash as an irrelevant political opportunist who steadfastly refused to support the GOP agenda in Congress In interviews this year, Amash toyed with the idea of ​​leaving the Republican Party to apply for a Libertarian for the President. This could have a significant impact on Amash's home state of Michigan, which Trump owned in less than 11,000 votes in 2016.

Extensive efforts are being made to persuade Amash to take the plunge.

"There are many libertarian party members who actively encourage Rep. Amash to change parties and seek the libertarian nomination," said Nicholas Sarwark, chair of the Libertarian National Committee. "This is probably the most well-organized recruiting measure I've seen since 2012 when people tried to recruit [former Texas Rep.] Ron Paul."

Trump and his allies have quickly mobilized to close Amash.

President Amash was labeled "totally lightweight" on Twitter, saying he was against "some of our great Republican ideas and policies, just to make his name known".

"Justin is a loser, who unfortunately plays exactly in the direction of our opponents." Hands, "said Trump.

Domestic Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Kevin Owen McCarthyAmash Charges Health on Capitol Hill – Powered by PCMA – McConnell, Kaine Offers Bill to Raise Age of Tobacco for 21 Years | The measles outbreak spreads to 24 states The Pro-ObamaCare group launches ad-flash to protect Dems Press: Justin Amash breaks his position in the MORE party (R-Calif.) Called Amash's comments "disturbing" and questioned "whether he's ever taking part in our Republican conference."

He never supported the President, and I think he's just looking for attention, "McCarthy said in Fox News's Sunday Morning Futures.

Amash, a 39-year-old Palestinian and Syrian descent, expressed frustration over the Republicans and accused the party of abandoning its principles to accept Trump.

He has repeatedly opposed the President and his allies in Congress, co – supporting legislation blocking Trump's declaration of urgency at the border.

And Amash commented on the "two-party duopoly" while leaving the door open to run as a libertarian.

In an interview in January with the libertarian publication Reason Amash was asked what the ideal libertarian presidential candidate would look like.

"He's wearing Air Jordans," said Amash, who wore the Nike sneakers.

If he changed sides, Amash would be the first. ever member of the Libertarian Party in Congress. Libertarians will nominate their presidential candidate next May at the party convention in Austin, Texas.

Former Government of New Mexico. Gary Johnson Gary Earl Johnson Potential challenger to the GOP: Trump's "contempt for the American people" is possible bid The Hill's 12:30 report – Presented by Kidney Care Partners – Trump escalates the frontier struggle with one Declaration of Conviction The former governor of Mass. meets the primary challenge of Trump MORE was the presidential candidate of the libertarian party for the last two cycles.

Johnson's 2016 campaign was shaped by his own gaffes and planned by Washington insiders, but he still managed to achieve the best performance of a libertarian presidential candidate who received nearly 4.5 million votes, or three times as many as the previous best the party. 19659006] In his home state of New Mexico, Johnson received 9.3 percent of the vote, raising questions about whether Amash Spoiler could play Trump in his home state of Michigan, which is a linchpin of the president's hopes for re-election.

"I do not think Trump can win Michigan when Amash runs," said Sarwark. "You would have to remove it from the board."

Michigan currently has 14 members in the House of Representatives, but the state's population is shrinking and likely to lose its seat when new maps are created after the 2020 census. Most expect Amash's district to be transformed in a way that makes it difficult for him to win re-election to the House of Representatives. He drew a Trump-supporting main opponent on Monday.

"It was very difficult for him to win in the last elections," McCarthy said. "I wonder if maybe he wants a sort of exit strategy."

Trump's allies say they are not sweating and believe that Amash's appeal will be limited to libertarian voters. They find that Trump's Republican approval rate routinely reaches 90 percent in the polls.

"Amash's appeal beyond the libertarian and anti-Trump voter is limited in Michigan and elsewhere, and will affect Trump's ability to win here to a limited extent." Saul Anuzis, former chairman of the Michigan Republican Party.

Another GOP agent told The Hill that Amash's presence on the ballot could hurt Trump in Michigan, but could help him in other battlefield countries with a similar tax conservative / socially liberal platform.

Surveys show that Schultz could act as a spoiler in the parliamentary elections of 2020 if he is oriented towards the Democratic candidate.

"Every single survey shows that it hurts to have a candidate in the running Democrats, and I do not understand why Amash would be different," said the GOP source.

William Weld William (Bill) WeldHere are the potential candidates who still have the 2020 bids in mind Republicans deserve to have a truly competitive presidential primary for 2020 Dems: Trump deserves none Recognition for the Economy MORE The former Republican Governor of Massachusetts has launched his own long-term major challenge against Trump.

The "Never Trump" Republicans, led by former Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, have calmly picked up Weld's challenge, which has not received much favor. Weld ran in 2016 with Johnson as vice presidential candidate of the libertarian party.

However, there is no guarantee that Kristol and his allies historically opposed to libertarian rights would support Amash's candidacy.

In a In a tweet, Kristol praised Amash for speaking out against Trump, but at the same time he found that he does not usually agree with him.

"I say this as someone who disagrees with Amash on many issues of concern to me, and I think of him – all credit to Justin Amash, who has done so much today to provide an example of constitutional responsibility and one mature, to set bourgeois discourse.

David French, author of the National Review, which Kristol had recruited to challenge Trump in 2016, said he would return to Amash when he competed as a Libertarian against Trump.

Still, there is still a long way to go before Amash dominated the race in 2020.

Most presidential cycles begin with the optimism that an insurgent third-party challenger can make noise in the race. The challengers usually take a back seat without having much impact.

"Anti-Trumpers will find a number of places, whether it's a protest vote for one or the other," Anuzis said. "The question is whether they can focus their voices where it matters to make a difference. Most people doubt that. "

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