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BuzzFeed Collusion "Bomb" does not look so good after the release of the Müller report

The alleged "bomb" of BuzzFeed News, which claims that President Trump instructed his former lawyer to lie to the Congress, was effectively exposed after the publication of the Special Report on Thursday morning.

There were already big problems with the BuzzFeed News story, especially that the office of Special Representative Robert Mueller himself made a very rare public statement in which he claimed that the report was not "accurate".

But Buzzfeed held on to his weapons. And now that the public has access to a revised version of the results of the two-year investigation, which included 2,800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants and 500 witness interviews, it seems the BuzzFeed News "scoop" is indeed wrong.

The report of January 1

8, titled: "President Trump directed his lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the Moscow Tower project," the president's former lawyer asserted. The President personally instructed him to lie – claiming that the negotiations ended months earlier than he actually did – in order to disguise Trump's involvement.

The report added that Müller's team learned from Trump's statement that Cohen was interviewing Congress with several Trump Trustee testimonies and internal emails, text messages, and a cache of other documents. Cohen has then confirmed these instructions in his interviews with this office, "claims the alleged revelation as" the first known example of Trump, who explicitly accuses a subordinate of lying directly about his own dealings with Russia. "

The BuzzFeed News report made it It is clear that the allegations were from anonymous individuals who were supposed to be familiar with the Müller investigation.

But here's what the actual Müller report found after thousands and thousands of hours of investigation:

Cohen said that he and the president did not discuss this explicitly if Cohen's statement about the Trump Tower project Moscow is or was wrong, and the president does not tell him to make false statements.

Cohen also said that he did not tell the President the details of his planned testimony … [while there is evidence] that the President knew that Cohen had given the Congress false testimony about the Trump Tower project in Moscow. The President directed or supported Cohen's false testimony Testimony.

Now this is in addition to the Office of the Special Representative, which publicly refutes history, and claims in a statement that the main claims of the report were incorrect.

"The description of Buzzfeed in relation to Special Counsel's specific statements, as well as the characterization of the documents and testimony obtained by him in relation to Michael Cohen's testimony in Congress, are not accurate," said a spokesperson BuzzFeed News Report. Absurd enough Even after Müller's office had denied the article, some in the press claimed that the rejection was not a rejection. Others criticized the Office of Special Counsel for questioning the coverage. Some even claimed the press had been the real victim of questionable reporting. BuzzFeed News, on the other hand, stuck to its story.

However, after the release of the Mueller report, I am not sure how long the online news organization can continue to defend its reporting. I am not sure if it will continue to do so. Many federal funds went into the Müller investigation. For the BuzzFeed News story, this means that two anonymous sources familiar with the investigation revealed misconduct and either passed Muller and his team of over 40 agents or were lying about it.

The notion that the report is simply wrong is much, much easier to believe.

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