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BuzzFeed News Employees signal recognition

BuzzFeed News staff have agreed to form a union to address what the organizers called "unequal pay differentials, misguided pivoting and layoffs, poor performance, skyrocketing health care costs, diversity and more." voluntary recognition. The union's announcement Tuesday was just over two weeks after Buzzfeed fired about 15% of its workforce or more than 200 people – cuts that hit the newsroom in the Los Angeles offices in San Francisco. Washington, DC and New York.

"We look forward to meeting with the organizers to discuss how they can voluntarily recognize their union," said Ben Smith, editor-in-chief of BuzzFeed News.

The staff members have organized themselves under the NewsGuild of New York. Organizing efforts date back to 201

5, when a group of staff members met with the Guild to discuss workplace grievances.

Dominic Holden, Political Reporter for BuzzFeed News and member of the Organizing Committee, said in an interview that employees are well on their way to union work before the last round of layoffs. However, he said the cuts "have made it unmistakably clear that we need a contract that protects workers in times of intense transition."

Buzzfeed boss Jonah Peretti has publicly stated in the past that he does not believe that a union that is right fit for the company.

Peretti recently agreed – following a meeting with the BuzzFeed News Staff Council, an internal group of US editors who compensate dismissed employees for unused vacation and competitive days, even though they are not legally lawful. This is in some States, especially in New York.

BuzzFeed News is well on the way to becoming one of the last major news bureaus to join forces as a result of the pressure of industry that has displaced many media outlets. HuffPost has signed a contract with the new one in 2017, which has formed a workers' union that includes more than 200 employees, and last year, Los Angeles Times staff overwhelmingly voted for union formation after years of corporate rioting and in-depth editorial , [19659009]
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