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C.J. Anderson explains how patriots "frustrated" in Super Bowl LIII | NFL

The Los Angeles Rams offense was an almost unstoppable force in the 2018 NFL season.

In the regular season, the Rams took second place in the NFL, while in the regular season they each ranked third in rushing yards and the fifth in passing yards per game. But when Los Angeles needed Jared Goff and Co. the most, the unit had trouble doing just about anything.

L.A. In his Super Bowl LIII defeat to the New England Patriots, he was limited to just 291 yards and three points. While the Rams passage attack did not play a major role, the rushing game was even worse as Todd Gurley and C.J. Anderson were limited to a total of 57 (!) Meters on the floor.

During an appearance on Tuesday at FOX Sports 1

"Undisputed," Anderson explained how defending the Patriots succeeded and "frustrated" the Rams. The unit sometimes struggled during the season to stop major plays that, Anderson noted, were the Los Angeles feast throughout the campaign. However, with the Lombardi Trophy on the line, the Patriots in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium gave up only a single game over 20 meters.

While Sean McVay is an aspiring offensive mastermind, the Rams head coach was no match for defensive guru Bill Belichick.

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