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Cadets are being trained on their way to the Toledo Polic

  Cadets are encouraged to accept physical challenges of police training. (Source: WTOL)
Cadets Are Encouraged When Accepting Physical Challenges of Police Training (Source: WTOL)


Forty cadets are now training to become Toledo's newest police officer.

The next six months will be tough for the new cadets as they work to protect and serve Toledo's communities.

The idea is whether they can handle it in the classroom, they can handle it on the streets.

It's tough. It is grueling. The training should penetrate into the heads of the cadets.

From intense physical fitness to the stress of micromanagement, the next six months will transform these cadets and teach them to keep their thoughts under attack.

While an average of three to five cadets quit each year, the cadets remain optimistic.

"I mean, yes, it's hard, but you just have to get through, leave it behind, it will not last forever, just six months," said Cadet Brianna Gebstadt.

The department is eager for it that the new cadets are becoming full-fledged officers.

The 600-man force currently has close to 100 officers.

Finally, the police academy trainers encourage cadets not to give up and remind them why this preparation is so important.

"That's the reality of this job. Physical fitness is no joke. That's why we prepare you. You need to be able to defend yourself if you want to go home to your families at night, "said Lt. Sean Jones of the Toledo Police Academy.

Training will be difficult, but as Chief Kral says to these cadets "It's an honor to wear the uniform, and he can not wait for you to feel what he's feeling every day."

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