Cadillac is expanding the range of the 2020 XT6, a new three-row SUV, to appeal to high-income buyers looking for luxury and a sporty everyday utility in one.

"Customers in the life cycle of an active lifestyle and the CEO of everything," said Jim Hunter, Product Manager, Cadillac.

Cadillac, the luxury brand of General Motors, unveils the new SUV Sunday night in front of the Detroit Show car. There is still no price tag for it.

Hunter said the customer data for the vehicle are similar to those of the Escalade, Cadillac's full-size flagship SUV, which states: An annual household income of at least $ 200,000, 87 percent have a college education and most are in their 40s ,

The new Cadillac XT6 is considered critical for resetting the luxury brand's image. (Photo: Robert Kerian)

Cadillac designers designed the XT6 as a "little brother" for the Escalade with the "attitude and presence of a Cadillac that should be used for everyday wear," said Andrew Smith of Cadillac Executive Director of Design.

"This closes the gap between the buyer of the XT5 (five-seat SUV) who needs something bigger and the Escalade buyer who needs something smaller," Smith said.

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Night Vision Technology

The XT6 powered by a 3.6-liter V-6 Engine is available in a premium luxury or sports model. The luxury model is available as a front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. There is also a six- or seven-passenger version and has standard 20-inch wheels. Unique to the luxury model is the night vision technology. The sports model is equipped with four-wheel drive as standard.

Both versions are based on connectivity with two USB ports in each row, 15 watts of wireless charging and 4G of LTE Wi-Fi.

Analysts have high expectations for the XT6.

"As Cadillac focuses on the best of luxury SUVs, the resulting XT6 should be significant," said Brian Moody, editor-in-chief of Autotrader. As Lincoln raises his game, Cadillac will follow. Seeing two of America's most luxurious brands compete with each other is exciting for business and great for consumers.

The new Cadillac XT6 is referred to as the "Little Brother" of the Escalade. (Photo: General Motors)

Cadillac introduces to 2021 a new or redesigned vehicle every six months, but focused on offering its SUV offering as customer preferences have shifted from sedans to SUVs and pickups in recent years

Strong SUV sales helped boost results In the third quarter, GM posted a net profit of $ 3.2 billion before tax, up 25 percent over the previous year.

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Reframing Cadillac's image

Cadilla c la The smaller 2019 XT4 compact SUV last fall. Industry experts said the XT4 is cheap and starts at around $ 35,000. In the fourth quarter, Cadillac sold 7,573 XT4 SUVs.

Smith said the XT4 had helped "transform" Cadillac's image of one of the rapper and rock stars who made Escalades young professionals. The XT4 campaign is targeted at millennial women.

The marketing plan for the XT6 is still under development, Hunter said. He added that he would mix traditional advertising with social media and digital ads, much as Cadillac did with the XT4 marketing campaign.

"Sedan buyers are a loyalty game and this will bring new buyers," said Hunter.

Hunter declined to say if Cadillac offered a purely electric version of the XT6. He said the leadership would consider all options.

GM leaders told investors Friday that Cadillac will be GM's leading brand for electric vehicles and that the company will introduce the first model from GM's new electric vehicle architecture.

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Cadillac needs new and better products. The company ended the year 2018 with a minus of 1.1 percent to 154,702 vehicles.

Also Cadillac must improve the quality. In the USD study on vehicle dependency by J.D. published last year. Power 2018 ranked it 27th out of 31 brands. It only crowned Jeep, Fiat, Land Rover and Chrysler. The study measures the number of problems per 100 vehicles that the original owners had during the last 12 months of the 2015 model year.

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Cadillac boss Steve Carlisle relocates the brand's headquarters to Detroit three years in New York , The idea is to be closer to Cadillac designers and engineers to ensure better collaboration on future vehicles.

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