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California man died in april at Dominican Republic mini bar, family says

A fourth U.S. Pat. Fox News has been learned.

Robert Bell Wallace, 67, of California, became ill almost The hotel is located in Punta Cana's Chloe Arnold, Punta Cana, Punta Cana, told Fox News on Sunday.

Arnold said her uncle, an avid traveler, had been in Lake Tahoe just before the month before sailing.

 Robert Bell Wallace, 67 This past April is a Dominican Republic resort.

Robert Bell Wallace, 67, who died this April after a long shot at a Dominican Republic resort.
       (Wallace family)

Arnold said the family has been concerned about the recent seemingly mysterious deaths in the Dominican Republic. Miranda Schaup-Werner, a Pennsylvania woman who died almost four weeks later, on May 25, after having had a drink from her minibar at another hotel, the Bahia Principe La Romana.


"He was fine," Arnold said of her uncle, who owned a construction business and whose obituary page was filled with comments on his generosity and compassion. He started feeling very sick, he had blood in his urine and stool right afterward. "

 Wallace, pictured with his

Wallace, pictured with his wife, Beverly, started feeling sick after drinking the scotch from the minibar, his niece said.
       (Wallace family)

Wallace, then decided on April 13 that he needed to be hospitalized. He said April 14. Dominican authorities have given the family a cause of death, Arnold said.

"We have so many questions," she said. "We do not want this to happen to anyone else."

Wallace's death, said in a statement to Fox News: "We can confirm the death of a US citizen in April 2019 in the Dominican Republic." We offer our sincerest condolences to the family for their loss


In recent days , a Maryland widow went public with concerns about the death of her husband, David Harrison, last year at the same time.

"My husband was a very fit, very healthy person when he passed away," she told Inside Edition.

 Robert and Beverly Wallace were avid travelers.

Robert and Beverly Wallace Were avid travelers.
       (Wallace family)

"I started seeing all these other people were dying of the same exact causes, which made me start to second guess." local TV station WTOP. "We went down there as a happy family. Harrison and Wallace from Hard Rock at Punta Cana were unsuccessful.

On May 30, at Married couple, Edward Holmes, 63, and Cynthia Day, 49, who died in their room at the Bahia Principe La Romana.

Dominican authorities have said Some preliminary or final autopsies have been published in the United States.

US officials have been restrained in their comments, just confirming deaths when asked. Neither the State Department, Bahia Principe, nor Dominican Authorities

Nearly half of the roughly 5 million tourists who visit the Dominican Republic have

 Wallace and his wife were in the Dominican Republic to attend a wedding, a relative said.

Wallace and his wife were in the Dominican Republic to attend a wedding, a relative said.
       (Wallace family)

While saying little publicly, however, teams of experts and inspectors from several international agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, conducted tests Thursday at the Bahia Principe properties where U.S. Pat. tourists died. It was unclear whether they inspected other resorts. The FBI confirmed that it was investigating the deaths.

The testing and the FBI's involvement marked the first public indications that officials in the United States.

Dominican officials said they had pulmonary edema, a condition in which the lung fill with fluid. They said, "What are you looking for?" – Bahia Principe Bouganville said: "What is healthy?" 19659003] In the recent years, the family of a pennsylvania woman stayed at the bahia principe resort in punta cana resort after she had a drink from the minibar. Relatives of Yvette Monique Sport, 51, told Fox 29 Philadelphia she was visiting the popular tourist spot last June, had a drink, later went to bed, and never woke up. Her death certificate said her official cause of death was a heart attack.

"It's a complete fabrication," Felecia Nieves, Sport's sister, said, "That you could have many people and they all had the same cookie-cutter outcome. It's impossible. "


" This is about justice for people that. " we love, "she said. "We're never going to get back but we can give them justice."

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