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California may oblige companies to switch to electronic documents

Funny long receipts have inspired Halloween costumes, triggered social media outrage, and received investigative journalistic treatment. The California legislature is considering taking action against them in the name of waste and energy savings.

The law of the deputy Phil Ting has taken its first hurdle on Monday when the committee of natural resources of the Diet voted 6: 3 for the transmission of the legislation its next committee hearing. If it is passed and the California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) signs, the companies had until 2022 time to switch to an electronic receipt system and to issue to customers only paper receipts upon request.

"Most of us do not need a physical receipt for every transaction. It does not make sense to kill so many trees and produce 12 billion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, which equates to one million cars on the road to do something we do not often need, "Ting said at the launch of the bill earlier this year ,

Many revenues, according to his office, have become excessively long due to the "coupons, promotions and surveys" that companies are attaching to them. The pharmacy chain CVS is perhaps the most famous for it.

The financial sanctions that Ting proposes are not harsh, especially for a large company like CVS. Any company that violates the amended rules will receive two alerts before being fined $ 25 a day for a maximum of $ 300 a year. Certain small businesses with annual gross revenues of less than $ 1 million and pure cash operations would be exempt from tax.

The proposal to stop revenue, which often can not be recycled due to paper additions, is based on nationwide and international efforts elsewhere, plastic straws can be banned, another consumer freebie, due to its small size hard to recycle.

The bill is supported by many environmental groups, but has not been successful in executives who say it's expensive for many companies to switch to a cash register system that can handle electronic receipts.

With the passage on Monday, Ting is now facing a vote by the Assembly's Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee.

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