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California meets strict new vaccine requirements, but voters can make the final decision

California's governor signed a bill late last week that drastically curtailed, if not completely eliminated, the exceptions to the state's vaccination law for children.

Some residents of California, however, state this The bill is a shocking transgression of governance that threatens their personal autonomy and urges that the law be included in the November election, fraudulent medical exemptions for vaccinations of schoolchildren, "the falling vaccination rate for children in California, which has led to a series of outbreaks of preventable diseases, including measles, in recent years.

"This legislation provides new tools to better protect public health, and in a way Parents, doctors, public health officials and school administrators all know the rules of the road that is on the way forward, "Newsom wrote in a press release accompanying the bill.

California is already banning non-medical exemptions for vaccinations, but d Legislators say parents are skeptical of the number and need for childhood vaccinations to receive fraudulent medical notes that allow their children to attend school without being fully vaccinated, even though they are not actually medically vulnerable.

CNN reports that California's vaccination coverage has dropped dramatically over the last decade, particularly in the largely white upper-middle-class enclaves where an anti-vaccine movement has gained a foothold. The decision to have children immunized against certain illnesses to attend school in the country has slowed the trend somewhat, but the legislator believes that doctors working with patients who want to avoid vaccination do not really are medically fragile, will further stem the tide

"Under the new laws," reports CNN, "the state will issue a standardized medical exemption certification form that physicians can fill in and send to a child's school outline the exemption and contain information on the exemption. " medical basis for the liberation. "

Physicians who grant" five or more exemptions per year "could be subject to a state examination, as well as school districts where the vaccination rate is below 95% ̵

1; the lowest rate required to maintain herd immunity and protection of medical weak children who can not be vaccinated.

The bills are expected to enter into force on 1 January 2020, but some against vaccineivists say they will push for the measure to be included in the november election because they will Believing that the punishment of physicians providing false protection to anti-vaccine parents is a formidable strain on the government, the rejection of the bill was huge, and parents who spoke out against vaccines were causing major protests in the California state capital's building They demanded reinforcements from all over the country, their ability, their K unimpregnated, sustained.

In a particularly worrying incident, protesters apparently blew menstrual blood at the legislators to be voted on.

Three demonstrators, all of whom consider themselves members of an anti-vaccine movement, have requested that the matter be subjected to a referendum that would force the state to defend the ballot box, the Sacramento Bee said. this has closely followed the controversy surrounding the vaccine bill.

"Documents issued by the Prosecutor General's Office state that the petition was filed by Denise Aguilar, Heidi Munoz Gleisner, and Tara Thornton, and it was sent by a post office near the Capitol," reports Sac Bee. "Aguilar, Munoz Gleisner and Thornton protested against the vaccination law all August and September, and they temporarily closed a hearing of the Assembly's Committee on August 30th, sitting in chairs and singing after the legislature passed the law had put forward. "

Bill says he will reject the referendum.

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