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California nursing home, family says

A woman in a hospital in Long Beach puts her mother, who has Alzheimer's disease in a taxi and then dumped in the middle of the night outside the memory-care facility where she lives. Costanza Zerbi says Alzheimer's has left her mother with the cognitive abilities of a small child and she can not be left alone. 8436-year-old Savina Zerbi tries to get into her care facility is heartbreaking.

"It's really sad." I mean, this is my mom who was driving a year ago, "Zerbi told CBS Los Angeles. It's insane. "It's criminal."

The hospital, College Medical Center of Long Beach, issued a statement saying Savina Zerbi insisted on

Security footage shows Savina attempting to open the door to the Regency's Palms memory-care home at 2:1

7 am on Jan. 13. She is also seen to be pacing and gaining entry, though it is uncertain she eventually got in.

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Costanza Zerbi said she had Alzheimer's disease and what she expected. She says her mother was extremely agitated the night she arrived at the hospital. After spending four hours in the emergency room she was told Savina would be admitted.

"My mom is lucky that she did not get kidnapped or get hurt," she said.

According to to state records, regulators that overseen the five deficiencies last year at College Medical Center. For a hospital of its size – 121 beds – the average deficiencies found in one year is no more than two, CBS LA reports.

Costanza Zerbi received a statement from the College Medical Center

"I am hoping that they apologize," she said. 19659004] Alzheimer's and doctors have said they are not in a condition to make their own decisions.

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