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Californian hotel chef indicted for mass shootings threat – 41NBC News

A chef at a hotel in Long Beach, California, which reportedly threatened to shoot staff and guests this week, was charged with four crimes, the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office said Thursday.

Rodolfo Montoya, 37, who worked at the Marriott Hotel near Long Beach Airport, was arrested on Tuesday. The police said they found several high-powered weapons, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and 38 magazines in his home in Huntington Beach, each holding 30 rounds.

The police said Montoya was upset over personnel issues and told a colleague that he planned to shoot other workers and hotel guests. This employee drew the attention of the authorities to the threat.

Montoya is being charged with two charges of criminal threats and one charge each of forcing the Witnesses to use violence or threat to possess a prosecution weapon. It identified the assault weapon as a Colt AR-1

5 rifle.

It was not clear if Montoya had a lawyer who could speak in his name.

If convicted as a defendant, he faces a prison sentence of more than five years. The prosecution said in a statement. Montoya is held in lieu of a $ 500,000 bail. A prison officer said he was detained Thursday night.

Long Beach Police Chief Robert G. Luna welcomed on Wednesday the employee who had reported the threat claiming he had probably saved lives.

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