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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Preview

Most players who play Call of Duty for more than six to eight hours to complete the campaign become involved in multiplayer mode. For this reason, Treyarch's decision to remove a traditional campaign from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 makes sense. I've already written extensively about how the latest Call of Duty game aims to be one for the fans, hardcore gamers, and people who keep coming back into the game. By trimming the fat of the modes that players can barely record for hours, Treyarch can truly focus on optimizing and perfecting the multiplayer aspect of the game, where most fans invest their time.

Black Ops 4 has plenty to offer, with multiplayer, solo ops training sessions for the specialists, three complete zombie campaigns and blackout, Treyarch's interpretation of the Battle Royale craze. They do not show much yet, so I first had the opportunity to grab the multiplayer title last week, but even that showed some big jumps for the series.

Perhaps most notably, the crazy Vertical Movement we saw in Black Ops 3 is now gone. There is no wall running or boost jump, so the fight remains firmly established. It is anything but slow. While Treyarch could retreat to these crazy elements, they have retained this incredibly fluid movement in the environment. The studio's commitment to "gun violence" is more present than ever, and as I feel at Treyarch games, Black Ops 4 just feels really good at running around in it. That was something I did with [1

9459006bemerkte] Black Ops 3 movement that made it fun even when you failed. Although the Boost Boost wall is gone, [4609004] Black Ops 4 is still fun.

Everyone's special (is)

specialists return, this time with their own bags and rolls each of them fills up. I hate the comparison to Overwatch because Black Ops 4 is not Overwatch but I mean Overwatch . Weapons are a unique system, but each specialist has a skill (triggered by the R1 key) and a super (triggered by holding down L1 + R1). The specialists are limited to one of each kind per team, and it looks like there are ten specialists in total. Games are 5v5, so there are many specialists to choose from when choosing your favorite selection. You play roles from frontline attackers to units like medics. Yes, Call of Duty has a paramedic class, and you can thrive and be successful without feeling that you need to fill up the kill / death ratio.

 Call of Duty Black Ops 4 hands on preview

In fact, that's a lot of what makes this Black Ops 4 so different. Somehow, Treyarch picked up a game that feels like Call of Duty plays like Call of Duty and even smells like Call of Duty and they did it tactical and team-oriented. You can still be the lonely shooter at the top of the leaderboard, but there are more ways for different game styles to find a minimum of success. Minor changes, such as the ability to see an opponent's health bar (something I'm used to from Destiny PVP) and trigger the manual recovery of health, let me play the game on my own terms. [19659003] Weapons are also redesigned to give everyone the feeling that they have their own unique character. Attachments are no longer universal for a whole class of weapons, but each weapon gets its own attachments to really highlight the strengths and playing styles of this particular weapon. In a quick demo, it's hard to get an idea of ​​this post-production, and I'm sure this is something that casual gamers like myself are unaware of. The micro-details of each weapon are mandatory for people who play a lot, so this feature is definitely available to players who will invest a lot of time in this game.

More Than Expected

I did not expect much from Black Ops 4 Multiplayer, but was surprised how much even this staple mode of Call of Duty will change. The Call of Duty fans will still find the game they know and love, but Treyarch is really trying to push the boundaries of the experience to reconsider what [Call of] Duty is and can be. They sow elements of other popular shooters in their own game to find out what's attractive to a wider multiplayer audience.

 Call of Duty Black Ops 4 hands on preview

Influence of other Activision properties (in particular Destiny and Overwatch ) really, especially for someone like me who shies away from Call of Duty the rapid focus on killings and success as a loner Wolf. I mean, Jeff Kaplan from Blizzard appeared in the stream. Sure, he talked about bringing Black Ops 4 to Battle.net, but it's still great to see these teams working together and working on ideas to make each of their experiences as good as possible , Of course, this is just part of the full experience. In time to start in October, we learn more about the three zombies campaigns and blackout, Call of Duty take the popular fight royale game mode. With each of the Call of Duty developers approaching the show in other ways, I'm glad to see that Activision gives the studio the opportunity to develop the game they really want to do, even though it is away from the traditional. No campaign is a bold move, but trimming Treatchnick gives Treyarch the opportunity to find out exactly what longtime players and fans love about their game, and the smooth, tactical and class-based multiplayer is already bearing fruit.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 hands-on preview on the Black Ops 4 reveals event. Travel and accommodations were provided by Activision.

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