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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Update adds changes to the Piccadilly card

A new update to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

has been released, introducing changes to Piccadilly spawns, more accurate footsteps, and four-weapon customization. As performed by Infinity Ward on Reddit The unspecified adjustments to Piccadilly's spawns are applied to TDM and Domination. In addition, the B-flag of Domination was moved to the map "near the buses instead of the central fountain".

Each step noise with Dusting or Targeting Sight (ADS) has also been corrected. Joe Cecot, co-design director of Infinity Ward, commented on this change in the Reddit thread:

We have several sounds for squatting, walking, jogging, sprinting, etc. Prior to this patch, ADS used squatting and walking. If the player moves faster than a certain speed, the ADS Walk can become a jog sound. The same was true for squatting, where you can quickly squat down with a SMG and some light attachments can make you hear squat noises. With this patch, Crouch always plays crouch sounds (creep sounds) and ADS also plays creep sounds. In this way, it is consistent for the user.

Two fan-preferred weapons were again enhanced: the M4A1 assault rifle (increased hip width, reduced head-shot damage) and the 725 shotgun (reduced range). Both weapons were previously improved in the 1.07 update. The EBR-14 rifle and the FAL assault rifle were meanwhile honed with increased ADS speed (and reduced recoil for the latter).

In addition, the update addresses the synchronization issue with challenges and adds "backend fixes" to prevent crashes and improve stability in all modes and on all platforms.

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