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Callaway, Vargas perform Mets dysfunction in the worst case

CHICAGO – The wheels of Mickey Callaway and Mets Sunday at Wrigley Field have come off so many ways.

First, the beleaguered manager stayed far too long with the assistant Seth Lugo. Lugo's 42nd field, a poor pusher, was jostled by Javier Baez for a threefold home run in the eighth inning, which brought the Cubs to a 5: 3 win over the Mets in the stands in the right field unbearable loss of the year.

The Mets can not hold Dave Eiland responsible for this one. The management tried to ease the problems of the Bullpen on Eiland, which was released on Thursday.

Callaway never came nearer, never decided to bring Edwin Diaz into the game at any given time, and was upset by the questions in his post-game press conference.

He said he did not want to pocket Diaz for a five-out save or even a three-out hold, and then fetch the last two outs with another Reliever. Diaz, who has pitched only 1

2 pitches within eight days, said he had no problems at all with a five-out save, a four out save, or a job, but he never got the call.

Then in the Clubhouse After Callaway was interviewed in his office, a frustrated Callaway passed to reporters, and Tim Healey of Newsday told the manager, "See you tomorrow, Mickey."

That triggered Callaway. He shouted, "Do not be such a smart ass – -."

Callaway walked briefly to the food area, came back and shouted, "Get the ass – out of here, we do not need that bullshow -."

Jason Vargas, whose locker was right across from Healey, told the reporter stared at him as Vargas stared at him.

  Mickey Callaway
Mickey Callaway AP

"I propose you, Brother Vargas, hurrying across the room.

At that moment, Noah Syndergaard and Carlos Gomez intervened. The reporter left the clubhouse.

This was a dysfunction in the clubhouse and confusion on the field, just a terrible line of decision making by Callaway. There were also doubled switches, in which the glowing Jeff McNeil, who did not start against the left Cole Hamels, never came into play and Todd Frazier, who had also swung a hot bat, was switched off twice.

I wrote on the day that Island was fired that Callaway would go next if the ship continued to sink.

Brodie Van Wagenen doubled on Callaway at the time. Sunday was not a pleasant scene, and Van Wagenen left the clubhouse immediately after the game and missed the fireworks.

Callaway and the club are very excited.

There was really no excuse not to go to Diaz. Lugo was clearly spent because he came in seventh for Jacob deGrom. DeGrom had a problem with a cornea at the landing. Callaway told reporters that deGrom has nothing physically to do with it. He was just "gassed". His credibility would be cut on several fronts, and that would never work well in a clubhouse.

The Mets wanted to win their first road series since the 1st-3rd. April in Miami, but it should not be like they had dropped to 37-41.
Reporters questioned Callaway fiercely about his bullpen use.

"We will not use him for five outs," Callaway told Diaz. "You keep asking, but my answer will stay the same."

Asked if the plan to use Diaz for five or even four outs should be revised, Callaway confused, "No, just because you think so? Absolutely not, we have a very good one Plan, we know what we are doing, and we will stick to it. "

The plan is so good that the Mets are four games under 500 and have not won any road series for 81 days.

The walls and casualties are approaching Callaway, his team can not overcome the hump, and now the Mets are faced with a fighting Phillies squad.

According to former Mets general director Sandy Alderson, Sunday was " a bad look. "

Pressure and defeat affect players, managers and teams in different ways – it's not easy for Wilpons to work.

Mickey Callaway struggles to stay afloat METS Season goes into the abyss and Callaway is the manager of this mess.

But how much longer?

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