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Cameron Diaz retired from action after Cameron Diaz himself

It sounds like these first retirement reports, with the kind permission of Selma Blair, have proved true. After an interview with Entertainment Weekly Cameron Diaz has retired from acting. So, if you were looking forward to a future movie appearance of the actor, you might have been unlucky.

Diaz, Blair, and Christina Applegate, who starred in the 2002 film [SweetestThing reunited with EW and discussed how they did not come were a chance to stay awhile. When asked if they have been reunited since the movie, Applegate responded with a succinct "No!" She went on to say that she hangs out with Blair from time to time.

They all argued why they were not out of doors, which led to Diaz saying, "Maybe I should [hang out] you know I mean, I'm down, I literally do nothing." Applegate replied, " I do not do anything, I'm half pensioner, I have not worked for years, I'm a mother, we'll do it, so I'm here, man. " Her testimony led Diaz to reveal the truth about her acting status, which might not be good news for her fans. She said, "That's great, I'm totally depressed, I'm also half retired, and I'm actually retired, so I'd like to see you, ladies."

You heard it directly from Diaz, folks. She's really done with acting. (At least for now.) And it sounds like she's living her best life by planning to meet with her former co-stars.

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In the event that you missed it, it was previously reported that Diaz had retired from acting after Blair hit it at a Vanity Fair Party in early March, after the Daily Mail . The actor said she was interested in a sequel to [TheSweetestThingbut that her co-star had resigned, so the movie probably would not happen. Blair told the publication, "I had lunch with Cameron the other day, we remembered the movie, I wanted to do a sequel, but Cameron stepped down from acting, it's like & # 39; I'm done. & # 39; 39;

She went to say that Diaz is no longer interested in the movie business, as she is now in a really good place in her life. Legally Blonde said, "I mean, she needs not to make more movies. She has a pretty good life, I do not know what it takes to bring her back. She is happy.

But Blair changed her tune shortly after her comments: She stated on Twitter that the Annie star did not retire and joked that she was ready to be the spokeswoman for her friend:

While Blair said she was just joking about the whole situation, it looks like it's really true, no matter what she meant … Diaz's last appearance on the big screen was in 2014 Annie and she does not Do any more projects on her IMDb page, maybe because the actor is tired of how busy she makes so many movie projects year after year, during a goop wellness summit in June 2017 Diaz announced that she's familiar with the hustle and bustle of the movie industry, via an E! Message saying, "I just left, I can not really say who I'm for myself." That's a tough thing to face . "The actor continued," I h I feel the need to heal myself.

It sounds like she 's just going to do that with her retirement, but it' s not the way she was not Englisch: www.db-artmag.de/2003/11/e/2/98.php Her latest venture was her book 2016, The Longevity Book: The Science of Aging, the Biology of Strength and the Privilege of the Time Entertainment Weekly she authored the science-backed book to help women do so help support the aging process.

From all her reports, from her statements at the Goop Summit to her newer ones in EW Diaz seems to have been very happy when she retired , which of course is the most important thing!

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