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Can a therapy session resolve Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian's family disorder on KUWTK? on Kardashians

Khloe Kardashian once warned others against "never going against the family," but what happens when they quarrel?

Completely New This Week Sticking with the Kardashians Kim Kardashian convened a meeting with sisters Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian as their bickering had gotten out of control. In an attempt to correct the situation, Kim suggested they all visit therapy together.

"We all communicate very weird and we just do not express what really bothers us and we all walk around on egg shells." The wife of Kanye West was continued during a sitting.

Although Kourtney did not agree with this idea, Kim made it clear that the therapy session was mandatory. "Well, we all go to therapy together, so it happens," Kim demanded. "Because we all have to communicate with a mediator and we do not have that mediator."

Kourtney continued that they all just talked about what resulted in Khloe accusing her older sister of having a "communication problem." This remark caused Kris Jenner is the eldest of the conversation entirely closed.

"If you do not want to fix relationships with your sister, I can not force you," 1

9659002] As Kourtney continued to freeze Kim and Khloe, the frustrated two left the meeting, causing the first to burst into tears and storm out.

Fortunately, Kourtney finally came up with the idea of ​​"sister therapy" in Khloe's house.

"I'm the one who invented mean fights," Kourtney admitted. "I just do not want to fight like that anymore, I do not want to be mean and I do not want to spend my time with people who are mean and put me down."

This confession shocked Kim, Kourtney's recent stance was a direct contradiction to that statement.

"You preach that you only want this Zen life and that you are so positive and do not want to fight, but then most of the time you are arguing about things like 'again?', Kim replied.

Kourtney is "always anxious and insecure." Khloe supported Kim's position by stating that it was an "insecurity" that she had "never seen before."

"Kourtney and I have a very special relationship "I have not felt that in recent months and that was frustrating for me," remarked the good American founder, "I feel a strong separation between her and me, and I would like to understand what that is."

After Kourtney had listened to Kim and Khloe's concerns, saying she did not think her sisters were "really" happy for her, especially when she's traveling.

"It's as if everything … the show is more important "Work is more important," said an emot ional Kourtney too. "Maybe traveling is not a priority for you, but it's for me."

The 39-year-old Kardashian went on to reveal that she feels her sisters are "upset" with her because they "need to" lift more sleep "when it comes to work.

" We want Honestly, Kourtney is traveling, we want Kourtney to live her life and do what she wants, "Kim later commented in a confessional." We just want her to be held accountable and responsible for that, if You accept a job and you get paid to honor that because we all do. "

Both Kim and Khloe further shared that they were frustrated by Kourtney's repeated delay and inability to attend the shoot. "Work is not my top priority, it'll never be." Mason Disick 's mother said.

Sadly, not much was dissolved in the sitting-ball because Kourtney felt that her sisters were " harping "" At small problems while Kim and Khloe felt that her sister did not hear her side.

"Whatever Kourtney is going through, it's just so much deeper than me and Khloe and until Kourtney is ready to talk about it, we can" do not push her or try to be aggressive, "Kim later concluded KUWTK cameras. "She's going through a lot of changes in life right now and we just have to let her go."

In addition to her flesh with Kourtney, Kim and Khloe also dealt with tensions that other members of the Kardashian Jenner Family

For starters, Kendall Jenner was royally pissed off after learning that Kim sold her home shortly after she had promised the supermodel sister to move in. North West Mother "shunned" Kendall so the runway expert was forced to confront Kim at her own birthday party.

"I hate confrontation," Kim admitted. after Kendall awoke the sale. "Escrow is already closed, I have to be out in two weeks."

Kim went on to confirm that she should have told Kendall earlier, but did not have the "courage" to face her baby sister.

As for Khloe, she teamed up with Scott Disick for an epic strike against Kris for a bad art swindle. In an attempt to humiliate the sixfold mother, Scott and Khloe had an actor in a gallery portray the fake artist Art Vandelay and even donate some new pieces to Momager that were actually made by KoKo.

However, the fraud was taken to the next level when the two jokers did not tell Kris about faux art and continue the gag by creating more images. In a weird twist, Jenner was so convinced that she had acquired art that made her assure the artwork.

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