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Can fans save the Deadpool cartoon as they did the movie?

Last week it became known that the animated Deadpool TV series for FX was due to "creative differences" between FX, Marvel Television and the serial artists Donald and Stephen Glover. Then, on Wednesday, Donald Glover turned to Twitter to make it clear that despite reports that he was too busy for the Deadpool project, he had been hard at work and released the Season One Season Script.

The script was everything a fan of a Deadpool series could wish for, and fans who did not get upset about the cancellation would surely have realized what they had missed. But this is not the first time a Deadpool project has had a taste of what to lose. Now we have to wonder if fans might be able to save the Deadpool animated series the way it saved the Deadpool movie a few years ago.

For those who do not remember, 201

6s Deadpool was almost no more It does not happen. The Ryan Reynolds Starring project had been stuck in the production hell for nearly a decade and looked like it would never see the light of day. That is, until test material leaked online in 2014. The leak that occurred at the San Diego Comic Con was quickly blown up by fans who joined the Internet to share their support for the project. While this could be very bad for everyone involved, it had exactly the opposite answer. The fans were so excited about the leaked footage that Fox lit the project green. When [Deadpool Deadpool was released two years later, it was a critical and financial success – and its sequel will hit theaters this summer.

Now Fans Have a Taste of What Deadpool's Animation Series Can Be It's not impossible to think that people's power could be twice as successful when it comes to Merc's mouth. Glover still has a relationship with FX through his acclaimed series Atlanta and FX still has a relationship with Marvel through the Show Legion. While creative differences may explain why the Deadpool series is not progressing, positive fan responses and support could be enough to get all parties to rethink it. After all, creative differences might just be a code of concern that the project would not hit the mark, but, as the Glover script says, that's not the case. The response to the script was positive, which means that an animated Deadpool series would probably be successful for FX and Marvel, and eventually the parties involved would be interested in having a product that is successful – read: profitable – so it could just be something that they could work through.

After all, it worked for Deadpool before.

Do you think fans can save Deadpool's animated series? Tell us your thoughts in comments.

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