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Can Missourians still collect unemployment if they refuse to return to work?

SPRINGFIELD, Mon. Since the nationwide order to stay at home was lifted almost two weeks ago, workers in Missouri could be called back to work by their employers in the coming weeks if they have not already been removed.

However, according to the Missouri Department of Labor, Missourians who have been temporarily laid off in connection with COVID-19 should refuse to lose unemployment benefits if they are called back by their employer if they are called back.

However, government officials say there are a few exceptions:

-If you tested positive for COVID-19 and you experience symptoms
-If you have recovered from COVID-1

9, but this has led to medical complications, you will not be able to perform essential tasks
-If a member of your household was diagnosed with COVID-19
-If you are caring for a member of your household who has been diagnosed with COVID-19
-If you don’t have childcare for COVID-19 reasons
-If you have no transportation to your work place due to COVID-19.

The Missouri Department of Labor says that employees in one of these positions are urged to work with their employer to best deal with their situation.

According to the Department of Labor Department of the Department of Labor, refusing to return to work if there is a recall for any other reason, or attempting to continue receiving unemployment benefits is considered a “voluntary dismissal”.

If you refuse to return for reasons not covered by the CARES Act, you will be excluded from benefits, including the weekly $ 600 pandemic unemployment allowance per week.

For the full list of circumstances covered by the CARES Act, as well as an FAQ on Missouri unemployment benefits, click HERE

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