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Can the Republicans win without Hillary?

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Donald Trump wins the 2016 presidential election, or has Hillary Clinton lost the election? There is a lot on this question, not least the chances of the Republican Party leading the House of Representatives.

As with most things in politics and life, the answer is a bit of both. Trump was far better off than expected, connecting with voters in ways that political intelligence could not imagine.

One of the reasons why the MAGA nation is so excited by the great reviews for the revival of the sitcom "Roseanne" is, as further evidence of the way in which traditionally Democratic blue collar voters venerate Trump. And they are not wrong.

But it would be a mistake to underestimate how dreadful a candidate Clinton really was. She has amply recalled her awfulness in the past year. She intends to rewrite the report on her second presidential defeat in a book and in public appearances, but to remind only those who voted for her that she is remarkably rude.

The two least liked, least trusted major party candidates in modern history ran randomly that same year, and Clinton, it turned out, was regarded with even more disdain than her opponent, who profited from the absence of a record to defend to have to. The devil they knew was not preferable to what they did not do.

The reason for the share of Trump's victory in 201

6 is that if we knew whether he won or lost we would know that elections can teach us.

The Republicans hope that the answer is more than Trump won, because that would mean they could hold the Congress as a promise to fulfill its election promises.

The Democrats are now hoping that Clinton is to blame, and that the political climate with her, at least largely outside of the picture, can return to something more akin to the past.

And so we turn to our favorite political lab in Pennsylvania.

A Keystone State poll from Franklin and Marshall College reiterates the news of a recent special election in the Pittsburgh area. The poll shows that incumbent Democratic governor Tom Wolf and reigning Democratic Senator Bob Casey Jr. in the fall demolish their likely Republican challenger absolutely.

Well, a word of caution here. The Republican challengers are far less known than the established ones, which will change in the coming months as money and advertising flow.

But the Republicans are as dark at the beginning of a deep and deep hole as any anthracite mine.

The fact that Conor Lamb won special elections in Pittsburgh reinforces the results of this poll. Democrats' preferred demeanor is that Trump is now so unpopular in places like Pennsylvania that he is pulling Republicans off. But we would suggest that it is something else.

With the devil's absence, they know Pennsylvania voters can do whatever they want, and what they've wanted most in the last 20 years is being ruled by Democrats. [19659016] Take a look at the 2016 polls from Pennsylvania. If we'd just shown you Trump's low rating and low trust with Pennsylvania voters, you'd have assumed that he had creamed in that state. But keep your eyes on the Clinton line and you'll see how he has won his tight excitement.

This helps us to understand why, even if we observe Trump's overall approval approval, to return from a recent fall, we do not see the Republicans dress up much better in their efforts, the mansions of the Congress and the governor across the country to keep.

That does not mean, of course, that Trump and the success of his presidency is not an important, perhaps even dominant, consideration for 2018. But it would be good for both parties, considering that the biggest disruption we saw in 2016 could not have been Trump, but the choice of Democrats for their poorer candidate in modern American political history.

Probable candidate of the Missouri Republican Senate Josh Hawley seems to understand this as he relies on Sen. Claire McCaskill 's longtime support for Clinton.

If what we see in Pennsylvania is to count on Republicans to do their best to bring Clinton as much as possible to 2018.

"The patriots who effected this memorable [Glorious Revolution of 1688] were too moderate, too well informed to think of any restriction of legislative discretion." – Alexander Hamilton Federalist No. 26

Atlantic: "On Tuesday, Waymo announced that they would buy 20.0 00 sportive, electrically self-propelled Jaguar vehicles for the company's upcoming ride-hailing service Waymo, Google's sister company within Alphabet, held a press conference in New York to unveil the vehicle … But the company has a much more significant milestone in this supposed announcement of a chic With more than 20,000 of these vehicles and thousands of minivans announced by Chrysler earlier this year, Waymo will be able to handle orders to make countless trips a day. They estimate that by 2020, the Jaguar fleet alone will be able to make one million trips a day. You could complain about their math … or their overall workload … but if Waymo is within 50 percent of that number within two years, the United States will enter a whole new phase of robotics and technology.

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Trump's work
Average Admission:
41.8 percent
Average Refusal: 52.8 percent
Net Score:
-11 points
Change a week ago: 2.8 Score
[ Average includes: CNN: 43% agree – 53% disapprove, Fox News: 45% agree – 52% decline, Marist College: 42% agree – 51% decline, Gallup: 39% agree – 55% disapprove Quinnipiac University: 40% disapprove – 53% disapprove ]

Control of the House
Republican average: 41.4 percent
Democratic average: 47.8 percent [19659031] Advantage: Democrats plus 6.4 points
Change before One week: Democratic advantage by 3.4 points
[ Average includes: Marist College: 44% Dems – 39% GOP; Fox News: 46% Dems – 41% GOP; Quinnipiac University: 49% Dems – 43% GOP; NBC News / WSJ: 50% Dems – 40% GOP; George Washington University: 49% Dems – 40% GOP .]

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Sabatos Crystal Ball: "In about two and a half months since ours Last assessment of an already long list of open seats in this cycle – and even a week since my colleague Geoffrey Skelley took a deep look at the pace of retirement in the past – the number of open seats in the House of Representatives At this point, only 379 out of 435 home districts currently have re-election, which is now the second-lowest total in the post-war era, only declining in 1992, when redistribution and other factors led to a series of retirement numbers and only 368 out of 435 seats This cycle will not keep up with the historically high level of 1992 open seats can, but the total is likely to grow a little at least. Deadlines for submission have expired in many countries, but submission remains open or has not started in the States, which account for approximately 40% of the total number of seats in Parliament. And candidates can also leave the poll after archiving has closed. "

Scalise goes on record with the interest to replace Ryan – Politico:" [ Steve Scalise 's has recovered coincidentally with his fast-growing stature within the Republican House Conference together. … Now the 52-year-old retires as a possible successor to Ryan when the Speaker of the House retires. And the speech ballooned this week when two GOP lawmakers – Rep. Mark Amodei of Nevada and Mo Brooks of Alabama – vocalized what others have whispered privately for weeks. … "I would not rule it out," Scalise said about an offer for the speaker if the circumstances are right. "Obviously, I was interested in the past, I enjoyed being in the lead, I feel I had a strong influence on some of the things we did, and I helped form coalitions to completely annihilate Obamacare. "…" It's easy to be drawn into the palace intrigue, but if you do, you're really losing focus on your mission … "

Nunes & # 39; Challenger Raises the Dough – The Hill: "The Democratic Candidate Who Tries to Demand the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) Has over 1 million according to CNN in the first quarter of the year The Vice District Attorney of Fresno County Andrew Janz said that there was a large influx of campaign funds as Nunes failed to address his constituents' problems, and the Republican stood in the last few months at the center of a political firestorm as he led his committee's efforts to investigate alleged surveillance attacks at the Department of Justice and the FBI. "Devin Nunes plays in the House Intelligence Committee in Washington," Janz told CNN, "and while he does so, the Ignoring problems here at home that interest people. "

Cochran will try the cold Warming Up the White House – WaPo: "White House officials planned to meet with the Republican on Wednesday Cindy Hyde-Smith who had a frosty reception in the West Wing when she was elected to the Senate last week. Hyde-Smith was scheduled to meet with government officials, including the White House Political Director Bill Stepien who shared three people familiar with the talks. But she was not expected to meet with President Trump. The people who described the talks spoke of anonymity because the talks had not been publicly announced. It was unclear whether the congregation would forge a thaw in the broken relationship or move the president closer to Hyde-Smith, as their supporters would like to see it. Uncertain momentum has complicated Republican prospects in the midterm elections as they seek to defend their Senate majority of 51-49.

Roll Call: "President Donald Trump will take Air Force One to Ohio on Thursday – probably at his resort in South Florida – to try to breathe life into an infrastructure plan that his senior assistants now say will take several years. The White House hopes to get some – but not all – of its $ 1.5 trillion package through Congress, which was signed this year. A high-ranking government official said Wednesday that White House staff expect a "big boost" to bring a "big chunk" of the infrastructure plan to their desk by 2018. "We never expected this to be a quick or easy process." the senior official said. "The president is here in the long run," he added, saying that the White House now expects parts of the package to have to wait for legislative action next year. Speaker of the House Paul D. Ryan recently said he plans to implement an infrastructure overhaul package in several bills. The senior government official said the White House strongly supports this approach.

Federal Disability Claims Included in Spending Bill – WaPo: "Hidden within the vast $ 1.3 trillion spending bill passed by Congress last week was Item, which has been out of budget for nearly a decade An increase in funding for the Social Security Administration, an agency burdened by a staff shortage that has led to an overwhelming deficit in over 1 million disability claims. The omnibus funds increased federal funds by $ 480 million, bringing the total administrative budget to over $ 12 billion. Approximately $ 100 million of the increased allocation will target the disability gap for the disabled, which requires applicants to wait around 600 days on average until a judge decides whether to receive benefits, including health insurance and monthly payments. The funding comes amidst a tougher attitude towards the recipients of public services across the country.

Stormy Daniels'
Request to depose Trump denied Cohen – Fox News

Mitch Daniels [19659025]: "Someone is watching you" – WaPo

Susan Rice appointed to the board of Netflix – Fox News

David Shulkin : Privatization of the VA injured Veterans – NYT

Meet Ronny Jackson The Physician ready to take over VA – WaPo

Molly Ball : Jeff Sessions wins for Donald Trump if he can only keep his job – Time

Scott Walker surrenders to avoid special elections – Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Iowa Democrat is excluded from the vote Drops Offer – Des Moines Register

Before Easter Weekend, Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses the connection between personal freedom and the resurrection of the dead: "Freedom is the ability of every person to exercise free will without having a government permit or watchdog. Free will is a natural quality that we share with God. He created us in His image. Since He is completely free, so are we. When the government takes away free will, either with or without majority, it steals a gift that we have received from God; it violates the law of nature; it prevents us from having the means to use the truth. … We know from the events of 2000 years ago that Christians this week are commemorating that freedom is the essential means to discover the truth and to unite with it. here .

"I heard you are indeed the incarnated devil and I wanted to meet you." – Secretary of Defense James Mattis at a meeting with designated National Security Advisor John Bolton In the White House today

"In his for the majority in District of Columbia v. In the light of written opinion, Judge Scalia has not broken the relationship between the intentional "well-regulated militia" and the application clause "the right of the people to keep and carry weapons." Therefore, there is no "tension", as you call it, between the two clauses to be discussed. Presumably, therefore, Justice Stevens (who wrote for the opposition in Heller) proposes to repeal the second amendment instead of proposing another amendment to "clarify" the second amendment. – [19659025] CM Polk
Aberdeen, Md.

[ Ed Note: I am not the former justice is ever interested in clarification.I rather think that he is interested in the removal Likewise, I do not believe that you see any tension between the clauses and that the component "must not be violated" trumps everything – what I mean has nothing to do with legal research, but with citizens' inability to do their utmost To exercise power: to change the constitution according to their wishes When the courts began to treat the Charter as "alive" in the sense that the words in the text were subject to historical relativism, the American electorate ceased to be the actual living component Did the people stop changing the constitution in the 1970s because the courts did it for them, or did the courts begin to prosecute the constitution? change because people have lost the opportunity to do so. The proportions between these two dynamics are controversial, but I think the relationship is real. I want Americans to use the constitution again as it was intended, and if you are having a debate about constitutionally protected freedom, we should talk about the real thing and not how we can handle the Charter through political or political action Maneuver. ]

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UPI: "An attempt to use a trained owl as a Ringbearer at a British couple's wedding led to disaster when the bird threw a groomsman out of his chair." Photographer Stacey Oliver took Video when the owl flew from the back of the ceremony at Peckforton Castle in Tarporley, England, to one of the groom's three best men who waited at the age to receive the rings.The best man seems to have trouble finding the rings from the claw of the owl, causing another of the best men sitting nearby to point at the bird and attract his attention The owl falls on the seated man and throws him to the ground, Oliver said Jeni Arrowsmith and Mark Wood 's wedding was made memorable by the incident. … [Oliver] said it took some time for the registrar to control the le over the crowd. "I laugh so much that my stomach hurts," Oliver said.

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